You might have already found out that Laidback Luke’s label, Mixmash Records is planning on releasing next week a collective family album, that will include tracks from various Mixmash Records artists. The lead single from this album was released last week and it’s a collaboration between Laidback Luke and Mark Villa, called “Rise”. For this occasion, we’ve had the chance to chat with the two artists and you can check out our exclusive interview below!


  1. Hello guys! How have you been lately?

Luke: All good here thank you! Barely survived ADE, but there’s so much good new music on the way thanks to that!

Mark: I’m really good thank you! Also working on a lot of new stuff!

2) So, let’s begin. Luke, we’ve seen that soon your label will release its first collective family album. How did you come up with the idea to release this album?

Luke: All props go to the Mixmash team where we have such dedicated and hard working people at the moment. They took the idea of Mixmash being a talent platform, to the next level. Since we have quite the artists signed to the label, and they all were planning on attending ADE, this concept came to mind.

3) Can you give us some more details about this production?

Luke: It’s basically all our talents combined! Musical tastes, angles and characters coming together for the love of music and hunger to put it out. During ADE, we were all locked up into a studio space where we came up with all these collaborations.

4) The first track to be released will be a collaboration between you two „Rise”. Luke/Mark, can you tell us how long have you been working on this one?

Luke: Not super long! If anyone knows me, they can tell you I finish tracks in about 4 hours. From start to finish, all the way to mastering. Mark makes incredible music with his unique vibe and melodies. He had already sent a sketch my way, and emailing back and forth, I came with the right angles for the track during ADE.

Mark: We really finished this one in a short amount of time! I already had the melody lying down for a few months and when I got the opportunity to make a track with Luke, I thought this one was the perfect one for the collab.

5) In your opinion, what is the hardest part about creating a new song?

Luke: The hardest part is to actually make it work. To nail it so to say. Sometimes you tweak a shit track the hardest you can, but it still remains shit. So what makes a good track a good track? It’s not the hours of tweaking. And so this concept is the hardest to grasp.

Mark: I completely agree with Luke. To really nail a track and make sure everything’s works is a really hard part. But it’s also a fun task to do, and for me it makes it a bit more easier when I work with someone else on a collab, because they always have a fresh input when you bring in a new idea.

6) We’d like to know: when you guys aren’t working on new music or performing, what kind of music do you like to listen to and who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Luke: I’m old, so I listen to a lot of chill-out stuff right now. Valis Alps, Teishi and Real Estate. I love Bonobo as well. That sort of indie and alternative thing. But don’t be alarmed, I know what’s been going on in the underground, and I know what I’d love to hear at festivals if I’d be into dancing mode! Every music has it’s right time and place.

Mark: I absolutely love strolling through the Spotify top 50 charts! I’m a huge Pop fan. I also try to search for the new music in the New Music Friday playlists. You might not expect it from me, but I also listen to other genres like Latin or Hiphop/Rap! One of my favourite Hiphop/Rap artists at the moment is Post Malone, his album Stoney is so amazing and his new single Rockstar is a smash!

7) What else do you have in store for the rest of this year?

Luke: I’m working on my new album! I can’t say much about it yet, but it will also be in the realms of a lot of collaborating.

Mark: Right now I’m working on a lot of new stuff, they are some really great collaborations coming up! I’m also trying to finish my new solo single, which I’m super hyped about.

8) And, one final question. With so little time left until 2017 will be over, can you guys tell us what has been your most memorable moment of this year?

Luke: It’s been a very turbulent year, but I’m happy to say I fell in love again this year. With probably the best woman I’ve ever met!

Mark: I can’t choose man! I think it was either Tomorrowland or my vacation trip to Porto/Barcelona!

9) Thank you for your time!

Thank you for having us!

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