Abyss“, “Born in the Flames“, and “Shimmer” are all songs that share a similar concept, to tell a story through the form of music. Adding in another level of experience is something Notaker aims to do with each piece he writes rewarding the listener with more than just a song. To bring you into the world of his music even further he’s introducing a new concept for his largest EP to date.

A sonic device designed to bring you through space and time, to other worlds and into different dimensions, to tell a story and give the listener an experience unlike any other. Notaker begins his vessel series with the “Genesis” EP. With his first song, Notaker invites the listener to “Just Close Your Eyes” and take a ride with him through digital melodies, atmospheric synths, and complex textures. “Just Close Your Eyes” evokes images of a fantasy world in shades of lavender and soft blues sprawling at your feet, a saga just waiting for you to begin.

The next song, “Who I Am” unfolds with trance like synths and singer Karra‘s breathtaking vocals, you feel as though you are stepping into your true identity for the first time, claiming the destiny that has been yours from the start. The second half of the EP pushes the listener forward with the driving bass and futuresque nature of “Wake Up, You’re Dreaming,” followed by “So Much Love,” the collection’s most upbeat and dancefloor-friendly track. Notaker closes with the darkest selection of all, the bass-heavy “Terra,” leaving you questioning if what you just experienced was true musical magic.

True to form, Notaker seamlessly guides his listener through a multifaceted pilgrimage on “Genesis“; each track possesses its own unique identity, and yet they have all been woven with the same sonic thread. “Genesis,” which is out on Monstercat, conjures a distinctly futuristic and enchanting vibe; Notaker has once again exhibited his mastery not just as a producer, but as a curator of experience. Check out his new EP below!