Cimo has over a decade of experience in the music business. So far, he’s already written a score of hits, plus he has featured on records with internationally acclaimed artists including Armin van Buuren, Daddy’s Groove, Wildstylez, and EDX. This year, he has decided to start his own solo career, with his new solo material being written, produced, and performed by himself. We’ve recently had the chance to speak with him a little, so if you want to know more about Cimo Fränkel, then make sure to check out our interview below!

  1. Hello, Cimo. How have you been lately?

I have been wonderful, I’m actually out in LA writing songs in the sun waiting for my single to drop.

2) So, let’s begin. What kickstarted your passion for dance music?

I actually don’t remember. I have always been into all sorts of music and dance has always been around. Watching it grow so rapidly inspired me to be a part of it. The crowds are insane.

3) Who were your musical inspirations in the beginning? Do they still inspire you to this day?

I have always been inspired by Michael Jackson and will always be. In EDM I have always found Haddaway’s What Is Love magical. I also loved Ace of Base. I am still very much inspired by all 90’s music.

4) We’ve seen that so far you’ve had the chance to work with many amazing artists, such as EDX, Cheat Codes, Armin Van Buuren, etc. How was it working with all these dance music superstars?

It’s been amazing! Especially touring with Armin van Buuren was insane. To be a part of such a big production and seeing all the fans worldwide.

5) Also, we found out that you’re planning on starting your own solo career. What made you want to do this?

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The release of my single ‘Never Give Up’, will hopefully be a success that I can follow up with more of my material. I have always wanted to do my own thing, but having the experience of touring and recording demo’s for other people made me eager to pursue my solo career.

6) What do you have prepared for us in the following months? Anything exciting you would like to share with our readers?

There are a lot of songs in the works! I am very proud of the remixes that will come out for my single. They will be done by people you have definitely heard of.

7) We have one final question for you: with 2017 being almost over, what was your most memorable moment of this year?

Performing with Armin in Amsterdam’s biggest venue the ArenA. This was the biggest concert ever in this venue.

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