As you all know, until 2015, the current no.1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix was signed to the famous dance music label Spinnin’ Records and he also had a management deal with Music All Stars. However, things did not go so smoothly between them, seeing as a couple of years ago, the Dutch DJ decided to initiate a lawsuit against the two companies, when he was informed that the rights to his music were no longer belonging to him, but to Spinnin’ Records.

The lawsuit has been on going for a few years, but now, it looks like it has finally reached its end, seeing as it has just been revealed that Martin Garrix has officially won and thanks to this decision, the contract that existed between him and Spinnin’ Records would be destroyed and therefore it will become null and void. Also, all the rights to his music will be returned to Garrix. After the news were revealed, the young producer issued a statement, saying the following:

“I am happy with this outcome, not only for myself but also for all other DJ’s/producers out there, since this case was not only about me, but about all of us artists”