Philly-based producer and mash-up virtuoso, 5 & A Dime is back with his heavy new anthem ‘Thump’. Teaming up with Portuguese bass-maestro, HOLLY for the release, ‘Thump’ is out now as a free download.

A combination of Dubstep, Trap and Bass House elements, ‘Thump’ is a distinctive track that showcases 5 & A Dime‘s mash up roots. Utilizing melancholic melodies, dramatic builds and dynamic drops, 5 & A Dime weaves seamlessly between the bass genres. Successfully merging such a plethora of sounds and styles into one complete track is no mean feat, and 5 & A Dime‘s execution is flawless; ‘Thump’ is a testament to 5 & A Dime‘s production abilities.

Joining 5 & A Dime on the release is 22-year-old HOLLY, whose musical background comes form Hip Hop, Dubstep, Drum n Bass and Trap. You can listen the full track below and don’t forget to grab your free copy!