Breathe Carolina starts new adventure with ‘Glue’!


Glu has been making a steady claim to fame these last years, turning into one of the most exciting acts in the current dance music scene. Starting off in 2007 as a group blending pop with catchy electronics, this has already led to several released albums, continuously moving forward in their sound, exploring its electronic dance influences to the fullest. It’s become one of the trademark sounds of Breathe Carolina.

Following their 2016 singles ‘Up All Night’, Can’t Take It’ and ‘Oh So Hard’, the US based duo recently made a stunning return with new single ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’, teaming up with the talented duo Dropgun, quickly scoring a wide audience again, by now counting over 1 million Spotify streams already.

Making their upcoming ‘COMA EP’ the more exciting. Anticipation is high, and first single ‘Glue’ underlines the promise with a unique and versatile song, presenting the Breathe Carolina sound in a fresh new guise.

Grab your own copy here.

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