JNTHN STEIN is back with a brand new track named “Who Cares”!


Multi-instrumentalist and producer JNTHN STEIN is back with a brand new track – ‘Who Cares,’ the second outing from his ‘Everything Is A Drug’ EP. ‘Who Cares’ is a boundary pushing collaboration with fellow Team Supreme founding member and experimental producer Mr. Carmack. The track is out now on etcetc Music.

From the outset ‘Who Cares’ immediately exhibits STEIN’s classical training with measured piano chords and lush, horn-like synths. A layering of militant snare drums and melodic atmospheres sweep the track into an overwhelming crescendo, before it takes a sudden, 180-degree turn.  An array of trap-infused kick drums swiftly enter the soundscape, with piercing bass synths, wobbling low end and scraping, distorted guitars, warping the textures of the song by each bar and emitting a sonic wall of sound.

The breakdown takes us back to the familiar melodic piano lines and uplifting synths of the introduction, building up to a drop that merges the singing melodies and trap rhythms into an explosion of bright colours and euphoria, perfectly blending the two artists’ styles and accomplishing a thrilling mixture of genre and character.

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