Manse has first gained recognition in the industry thanks to his unofficial, dancefloor-slaying remix of Axwell & Ingrosso’s ‘Roar’ that was scouted by Hardwell to receive airplay on his globally syndicated Hardwell On Air radio show. Ever since, the young producer has seen a great success, having remixed the tracks of many well-known DJs so far, but he’s also dropped some incredible tracks, with which he always manages to wow his fans.

It looks like he is not planning to stop any time soon and with his forthcoming projects, things are only set to get bigger and better for one of Sweden’s brightest upcoming talents. We’ve recently had the chance to chat a little bit with Manse, so if you are curious to find out more about what he has in store next, make sure to check out our exclusive interview below!

1)      Hello, Manse. How have you been lately?

Hi guys 🙂 Thanks for having me.

I’ve been doing great, been a busy couple of months with traveling in China, USA and Vietnam but now back home for some studio time for 3 weeks!

2)      So, let’s start. You’ve just dropped a brand new track ‘A Little Bit Closer’. How long have you been working on it?

I got a progressive house idea from Frank Pole, I fell in love with the breakdown and vocals from Jason Walker. I got some stems from Frank and then I felt this could be way cooler if it had more of an electronic/indie sound instead of the big progressive house sound. So I started shaping a new sound (6 months ago) and from there on I finished it off when we all felt that it sounded good, a very effective collaboration.

3)      What does this record say about your evolution as an artist?

People who know my music know that I am into the emotional melodic sounds, no matter if it’s chill out music or Progressive House. I felt I wanted to develop another sound except for my cinematic chill out sound and Progressive House sound, so I started focusing on making a song no matter the genre. In the end, if it’s a good song, it’s a good song. I guess I matured a bit when it comes to my music productions where I feel like genres don’t really matter to me that much as it did before and I feel I am more open to listen to & create whatever I feel like doing in the moment.

’A Little Bit Closer’ is my first single where I want to show my followers I can do a different kind of music, I see a lot of followers were a bit surprised by this sound but they were positive, which makes me very happy since I have more singles in the same style coming up (and of course Progressive House is coming as well).

4)      Typically, how long does it take you to make and perfect a track until you’re ready to release it?

It all depends on the label and when the release dates are set (that’s when I do the final mix down and mastering) but it can take all from 1 month to 1 year. There are so many different factors that comes in to play since I always have a vocalist on my songs, so it’s a lot of people involved all from doing the toplines but also managers and publishers to agree on everything. But it’s a fun process though 🙂

5)      Also, tell us: what do you look for first when creating a new track?

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It depends if I have a vocal or not accessible. I usually watch a movie just to get in to a certain state of mind where I am relaxed, I love watching drama movies which can make me a bit down and emotional. Then I usually have my piano ready where I start feeling out some chords and melodies and from there on its usually a pretty straight forward process of finding the right sound and beats.

But basically, for me, it’s always about getting into a certain emotional state where I can write down my feelings in the melodies.

6)      In your opinion, what would you say the most exciting aspect of today’s dance music scene is?

What’s most exciting today is that the borders between genres have opened up in an incredible way. Before, fans could be a bit mad about an artist switching style for 1 or 2 singles, but today most people encourage it, and I love that since I am a diverse producer and can now be more confident in releasing other genres than Progressive House. It will always be followers who expect you to always ONLY release a certain genre, but I see that more and more people are more open today which is for me, very exciting times in the dance music scene  🙂

7)      If you could go back in time, would you do anything different with your career?

I had to think about this question for a minute, but I feel that everything that happened so far in my career has been so amazing. I met so many incredible people, all from my manager to the whole Revealed Family and many many more. And I entered this world by entering a remix contest, which is to me a sign of faith where nothing was forced and just happened naturally.

8)      When you aren’t performing or making a new track, what do you like to do to unwind?

I am a big fan of skiing, and I take most chances I can get to take some time off going to the mountains to ski for a week. For me this is an amazing sport where you both keep yourself active but at the same time getting that amazing meditation you need sometimes to relax from the constant work and performing. Obviously I love to hang out with my friends and family, where I usually do these kind of things with them.

9)      What do you have prepared for the following months? Anything exciting you would like to share with our readers?

I have some singles lined up from myself with some amazing singers, also preparing some cool releases for my hardcore fans but I can’t tell so much yet about it. Then I am going back again to Asia and Europe to do some more shows, where I am debuting Ultra Europe for the first time which I am stoked about 😀

10)   Thank you for your time!

Thank you so much for having me 🙂

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