Mystery electronic hip-hop act “Crash Land” arrive on STMPD RCRDS!


This mysterious new act unleash their self-titled debut single on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS label, a phat slice of cutting-edge hip-hop, dripping in subtle atmospherics and guttural low end.

A female voice counts down a rocket launch over eerie pad sounds before a dash of electro FX introduces the taut beat and low-slung sub bass and a mystery rapper begins to recount a tale of intergalactic exploration. The stripped back arrangement creates a spacious sound, none more so than when this unknown vocalist switches to melancholy singing for the first chorus. The pared back melodic elements gently lift the track as it builds to its climax.

But it’s more than just a single; it’s a concept, a sound, a place in time in and space. The stunning video tells the story of an astronaut crash landing on an alien planet who soon discovers that he hasn’t arrived there by chance. All will be revealed as the Crash Land story slowly unfolds over the coming months.

Martin Garrix has always promised STMPD RCRDS would be an eclectic label pushing a wide variety of music, and Crash Land represents possibly the biggest departure from his background yet.

Grab your own copy here.

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