Dutch duo Lucas & Steve reworks dance classic ‘Up Till Dawn (On The Move)’ into fullblown summer hit!


Dutch duo Lucas & Steve has been responsible for quite some festival crowdpleasers recently. Last year saw the guys release ‘Summer On You’, their collab with Sam Feldt turning into a worldwide summer hit (reaching 36 million Spotify streams, and counting), as well as the follow-up to this hit, the massively supported ‘Love On My Mind’.

Bound for another groundbreaking season, Lucas & Steve now return with perhaps their most anticipated single ever. Aptly titled ‘Up Till Dawn (On The Move)’ it’s a true summer anthem, featuring smooth guitar licks, poppy vocals and a sun drenched hook. The track lends its chords from the world famous Barthezz dance classic ‘On The Move’, reshaping the sound into a cool, innovative new record.

As said, anticipation for this record is high. Lucas & Steve have been evolving quickly this last year, ‘Up Till Dawn (On The Move)’ seems to be a major pinnacle in their career.

Grab your own copy here.

The track has just received a great music video, which you can see below!

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