Maxim, Mathias & David are three music producing brothers from Belgium. Their love for music has been around for years: being just a couple of years old, their attention was grasped by the piano in their house. Later on, their passion got spread to different instruments. Maxim learned to play the guitar and Mathias the drums. It didn’t take long before David jumped in, trying to get a grip of the guitar and hence enabling them to jam together.

The three brothers encouraged one another to get better, and exchanged instruments. For his 15th birthday, Mathias received a Launchpad and this immediately sparked the interest of his two elder brothers to produce electronic music. However, this gave them the feeling that something was missing. They felt that combining their instruments would somehow “close the bridge”. A bit after, the artist name Curtis Alto was born.

We’ve recently had the chance to speak with the group about their career, their latest release on Spinnin’ Records and more, so make sure to check out our interview below!

1) Hey guys. How are you today?

Hey EDM Nations, we are really good actually, thanks. Our new track “Intimacy” came out on Friday and the music video got released simultaneously. On the same day we also had the opportunity to play at the Ancienne Belgique, a unique experience because it was the first time we played at this legendary club. We’re very grateful for it!

2) First of all, tell us, what was it about dance music that attracted you towards it?

We have been making music for years but got into dance music about two years ago. The endless possibilities one can achieve and the fact that we could combine the beats with our instruments (when performing) were two major attractions!

3) What have you seen change the most in the music industry ever since you started?

The music industry is evolving so rapidly – in such way that nowadays it’s difficult to put a song in a particular genre. That’s really exciting because it feels like there are no boundaries.

4) What has been the standout moment in your career so far?

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There have been many standout moments so far. If we had to choose one, we would say that playing at Tomorrowland was definitely rewarding! The joy and love being spread there is amazing. The true standout for us though is the support we receive of people who believe in what we do!

5) Give us some more details about your new track with Sunbathers. What was your inspiration for this tune?

The idea behind “Intimacy” was really to create a track that blends electronic elements with more of an organic, indie vibe and at the same providing lots of energy and dynamism! The latter is also translated in the music video.

6) In your opinion, what is the most difficult part about producing a new song?

Perhaps that’s finishing the last pieces of the track because you know: “after this point, the track will be out there, and you can’t change it anymore.” So you want it to be exactly as you envisioned.

7) Now, on a more general note, I suppose you guys set yourselves goals and targets, just like anyone does. What is the most important one for you at the moment?

The fact that we, as brothers, can continue to make and play music and spread good vibes to the people who listen to our music, is our goal.

8) When you aren’t making music or playing shows, what do you like to do to unwind?

We love to listen to music! That’s something we really like to do, to all kinds of genres.

9) What do you have prepared for the following months? Anything exciting that you would like to share with our readers?

We have some new tracks lined up and are also continuously working on our live set. For instance, we will soon be giving a full live show in Ghent with some awesome guest performers.

10) Thank you for answering our questions!

Thanks for having us!

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