Dallas-born, London-based multi-disciplinary artist Zach Witness is ready to be known for his striking and artistic solo work, unveiling his Defected debut ‘Can’t Get It Out Of My Head’ (out 16 Feb, including a remix from MK). 

With his early work reaching Erykah Badu, who enlisted Witness’ help for her Motown mixtape Caint Use My Phone in 2015, the young visionary has worked with artists like André 3000, Frank Ocean, and Nile Rodgers. Discovering music through dancing, describing himself as “a dancer making music,” Zach made a name for himself in Dallas’ thriving hip-hop culture, particularly on the Dallas Boogie scene. Cutting his teeth as a DJ, playing at clubs, and putting together mixtapes, Zach says in the documentary: “It was kind of ironic to find myself as a gay white boy in the middle of a black, homophobic movement.”

Zach Witness

Zach is now at a point of reinvention, with ‘Can’t Get It Outta My Head’ showcasing his abilities as an adept producer and a striking vocalist. 

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Defected Records presents a series of extra special collaborative releases Together, integrating talent from the label’s storied past and the stars of its future, as Zach Witness’ Defected debut ‘Can’t Get It Outta My Head’ receives a remix from Detroit legend MK. Marc Kinchen’s classic house sound defined the genre both in the US and across the pond, and his seminal reworking of Nightcrawler’s ‘Push The Feeling On’ and US No. 1 hit ‘Always’ featuring Alana cemented him as a 90s house maverick. His history with Defected is similarly signposted by acclaimed, chart-topping releases, including his remix of Storm Queen’s ‘Look Right Through’ and Route 94’s remix of ‘Always’. Now the revered remixer takes on ‘Can’t Get It Outta My Head’ by Dallas multi-disciplinary artist Zach Witness; by adding a heavy, rolling feel with deftly woven rhythms, MK makes the unmistakable sound of the eclectic original his own.


This record is the culmination of cuntiness and camaraderie … It was made out of the need to be free. The naughtiest self on full display. The goodest self in full play.” Zach Witness