Still going strong on his highly successful Lucas & Steve collab “After Midnight,” Belgian hit producer Yves V now follows up with yet another explosive tune, “Dynamite.” It’s a wonderful joining of forces with rising German/Australian duo Paradigm, featuring the warm vocals of Mougleta, whose infectious chorus is drenched in punchy beats and swirling synth chords, indicating a melancholic pop song amidst uplifting dance rhythms. A definite 2023 classic, courtesy of three acts bringing out the best in each other, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

World renowned DJ/producer Yves V keeps raising the bar, exploring the widths of electronic music, from raving electro to pop and deep house, for over a decade already. His continuous stride to deliver fresh sounds recently led to global smashes like 2019’s “We Got That Cool” (feat. Afrojack & Icona Pop), 2020’s “Not So Bad” (feat. Emie) and last year’s hit “Imagine Me & You” (feat. FAST BOY). Earlier this year, his Lucas & Steve collab “After Midnight” (feat. Xoro) caused another stir, currently still going strong on DJ support, millions of streams and various official remixes.

Yves V says:
“Over the past year or so, I’ve been really leaning into a deeper sound with my music but I always really enjoy working with strong vocalists to tell a story. Working with Mougleta she really brought that excitement alongside the production that Paradigm and I came to work on – funky, fresh but still raw and danceable. I hope you guys enjoy!”

Similar to Yves V’s triumphal path is the recent rise to fame of German/Australian band Paradigm. Launched during the pandemic, the guys immediately hit it hard with claim to fame hit “Wake Me Up In Paris,” currently counting over 70 million streams on Spotify alone. Known for blending catchy pop hooks with dark dystopian house productions, the duo kept releasing key tunes, including last year’s hits “Weekend” and “If I Could Change The World” (feat. PollyAnna), the latter their first release on Warner Music.

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Together, these acts deliver some true “Dynamite,” an aptly titled record that brings strong pop hooks together with powerful electronic vibes. Sparking up emotions from the first chords, the gentle vocals of Canadian born/ Berlin based singer Mougleta (known for her successful teamups with Afrojack, Chico Rose and Robin Schulz) play a lead role in this enticing tune. Backed by subtle chords and percussion, her efforts set off with dramatic hooks, making way for an upwinding chorus.

When it drops, you’ll feel the energy of two meticulous dance acts, delivering a punchy house beat along with soaring synths, immersed in sweet filtered effects. While meandering across the groove, Mougleta smoothly sighs ‘you’re my dynamite’, underscoring the melancholic vibe of this energetic yet touching dance track.

Surely, a match made in heaven, as Yves V’s seasoned sound combines with Paradigm’s fresh production and Mougleta’s sensitive vocals. You’ll feel their “Dynamite” as it’s bound to explode at the world’s festival stages this summer – just go with the flow when it happens.