Unlock the door to Ben Shawaer’s creative world as we delve deep into the mind behind the music. In this exclusive interview, Ben Shawaer’s manager sheds light on the enigmatic artist’s creative process, inspiration, and what drives his unceasing musical creativity, join us as we explore the intriguing journey of an artist who constantly finds harmony and inspiration in the realms of sound.

Hi! Can you tell us, how is Ben?

He is fine! He was ill recently but is getting better. To celebrate he locked himself at home to finish his next tracks. Sometimes, when I pass by his house, his shutters are closed but I know he is there, he just forgets to open them while he is making music…

To begin, can you start by telling us about his creativity? What do you think inspires him to get creative?

Well, actually I’ve noticed he feels creative all the time. He always manages to come up with something. The result is not always the same, but the creativity is always there. I think it comes from a long process of learning about sound design. From how to create a melody to finalizing a song.

Then, on what inspires him to be creative, if we talk about a trigger, I would say that it can just be a sound in a virtual synth, notes that he plays on a piano, a sample or quite simply his state of mind at a given moment. For instance, I knew he was talking with a girl (well, more like a girl talking to him) and then releasing some very inspiring tracks. Looks like he might fall in love too after all!

How do you think he gets himself into the creative mindset? What does he do to get his creativity flowing?

I would answer here by talking about a creative production session because ultimately, any factor can trigger an idea, melody, sound, rhythm etc., but that alone doesn’t mean you’re going to finish a complete track with it.

To be in a good context of creative production, he has a room dedicated to music. This room is actually supposed to be the living room for a normal person, but he doesn’t need it, he doesn’t even have a TV. The goal is to be able to isolate yourself, cut yourself off from the world and achieve a sort of trance that allows you to have maximum concentration. This is how he can make music for hours at a time and forget to open his blackout curtains.

Do you know what inspires him?

Everything, it could be a sound or its context and sure, both. When you have enough data in a given field, anything can trigger an idea and therefore become a source of inspiration. Ben Shawaer provided me with a diagram to help us understand what he means.

Can you tell us, what keeps him motivated to create? How does he remain so driven with his creativity?

It’s a good question. I think that what keeps him motivated is precisely being able to have ideas all the time and knowing how to do something with them. I think that this was not always the case and that he had to go through a long learning process in modern music production techniques. Because even if we have ideas, if we cannot transform them into something tangible, we can quickly become demotivated.

I also did not mention the fact of operating by objective and therefore by constraint. Constraining yourself to create music in a specific style can be a good way to be creative and improve your skills.

Do you know what he does to relax after a busy day creating music?


I would tend to say that after a day of musical creation, he goes to sleep and does more musical production right after! But otherwise, it seems to me that he takes breaks from video games before getting back to it.

What does he do when he feels creatively unmotivated? Does he have any tricks for getting inspired again?

It depends on the reason for the lack of inspiration, if sleeping or doing something else to take your mind off things doesn’t work then you can refer to the diagram above!

Creativity never comes from nowhere, if there is no data then you can’t mix anything together to make something new. In the field of music, you just have to listen to music, perhaps in styles different from the usual ones you like or listen to the specific parts on your production on which you are stuck. Listen to lots of virtual instrument sounds or samples (even if you don’t use some in your productions). Learning new production techniques can be very useful too, like doing sound design.

The psychological context also plays its part, but it is difficult to control it. Like, you wouldn’t break up with your partner just to get some inspiration, I guess! Sometimes just looking at old photos is enough to feel nostalgic and melancholic, but this is not the only type of state that allows you to be more creative.

When does he create the most music during the day? Is he more inspired in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

I would say it is in the evening and at night. If he could just sleep during the day and work at night, he would, I think. I think these are times of the day when everything seems calmer which is more conducive to a good musical session!

What about his creative space do you think inspires him? How is his studio set up so that he feels motivated to create?

It is not the studio set up but rather the environment in which he creates that is important. As I said above, his home studio is instead of his living room, he is in his bubble when he makes music. His set up is very simple (PC, sound card, midi keyboard, guitars). What is important is the software installed on his PC which allows him to have a variation of sounds available to have maximum inspiration or quickly have something that matches an idea.

Finally, do you think he ever finds creative inspiration from sources outside of music, like books or films?

I would have said film music but it’s music too! What’s interesting about movies and even video games, however, is that they can put you in a certain emotional state that can be beneficial and generate a state favorable to music creation. The same thing happens when you have a crush on someone, but all alone. I think you get the idea!

Wrappin up this interview, we thank Ben’s manager for sharing a glimpse into the inner workings of Ben Shawaer’s creative universe. From his unique approach to music production to the various triggers that spark his creativity, it’s evident that his music is driven by a genuine passion and talent for music production. We look forward to witnessing the continued evolution of his musical journey, in the meantime, don’t forget to follow him on social media to remain updated on his new projects and releases.

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