Jacob Colon is an artist on the verge of global success. His powerful releases, unparalleled energetic performances and the flavorful style and sound he’s known for, speak for themselves, as he continues his successful musical journey that won’t stop until every dancefloor, all over the world, is conquered by his remarkable artistry.

Recently, Jacob Colon introduced his latest release ‘Don’t Blame’, a track that displays his signature sound in all its might.

We invited Jacob Colon to share with us the behind-the-scenes process of this banger and this is what he said.

Hi Jacob Colon, how are things going?

Things are well. I’m glad to be able to do what I love as a daily loving. Can’t beat that!

You recently released ‘Don’t Blame’, what kickstarted the idea behind the track?

Well, the whole vibe started around the vocal sample I got online. I feel the vibe of the vocal created a nice moody type of energy alongside the synths. The drums were already laid out prior so after I decided on the main elements, I structured the song with the drums and so on.

Which part of the song did you start with first?

I started with the chords after I decided to continue with the vocal sample.

What element or sound of the track you’d say is signature Jacob Colon?

The drums and bass groove.

How long did it take you to finish the production?

A couple days. I went back and forth a few times as I usually do with all my songs to make sure I still like it the following days.

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Can you describe ‘Don’t Blame’ with one word?


What would you like to achieve with this release?

I’m grateful to be making music and I hope to achieve new fans with every song I make and continue to impress the fans I already have.

Are there any new genres you’d like to try next?

Yes. This year I released a couple records with a Latin American artist in Venezuela. I’d love to keep doing things like that to grow my production resume.

With which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?


What’s in the pipeline for Jacob Colon?

Every week I host a radio show called Made to Move Radio which showcases a lot of the music I enjoy which you can check out on Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and other platforms. On the production end, I’ve got some releases ready to drop soon.

Listen and buy ‘Don’t Blame’ Now: