Signalling an unexpected collaboration between AstroVoyager & Marco Grenier -‘In That Flash’ gives birth to a record that’s both atmospheric & electronic, combining the creativity & trademark sounds of the two musicians. We caught up with the pair as they present the spatio-musical single to find out a little more about the artists behind the release!

We welcome you guys to EDM Nations, which part of the world can our readers find you in currently?

Marco lives in Canada and AstroVoyager lives in France… And we join in Space for making music together… It’s a “long-distance” team-up!

  • We’re here to talk about ‘In That Flash’, congratulations on the release & when did production first start?

We developed the idea of making a song together in 2020. But the real starting gun was fired last year – 2022.

  • Can you tell us a little about the process, did you both work together in a single studio setting, or in different locations?

We worked in different locations in our own studios. We started from assets produced for the song “In a Flash” which appears on AstroVoyager’s ‘Mission SuperHabitable‘ concept album. A musical space mission, an anime and a video game (including VR) in 24 tracks in search of a planet where we can take refuge among the allegedly ‘SuperHabitables‘ exoplanets… It was a real collaborative work. It was a ping pong process, in which we were always hunting good ideas about soundscapes, song structuration and of course the spatial audio mix.

  • How did you first meet each other & what year was it?

We met in 2017. For the Jean-Michel Jarre’s international Electronica Tour where Marco revisited and took onboarding his first act set the AstroVoyager’s “First Light” song (from the “Big Bang” project) At that moment, we decided: “let’s work even further together, but now on a joint creation from the beginning!” And here it is 🙂

  • Aside from the streaming landscape in recent years, what’s been the biggest change you’ve both seen in the industry?
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We believe the first biggest change is the arrival of spatial audio content. It’s a total game-changer as it works for everyone now. Every sound can have its own space. You are now free to travel around space and sound. It’s quite incredible and opens new ways of creations… And the second biggest change is unquestionably Artificial Intelligence being part of the creative process… For “In That Flash” we used spatial audio, but no AI by now! A real human work.

  • In three words, how would you each define your sound?

Electronic, Atmospheric, Immersive.

  • Lastly, any other artistic news on future releases you can share with us?

The full AstroVoyager’s ‘Mission SuperHabitable’ concept album is coming fall 2023 via CosmXplorerR label… including an NFT collection on Pianity! On his side, Macro continues working with Jean-Michel Jarre for new projects… but also with Claude Samard Polikar for television and film music with Cezame agency. Not forgetting new songs coming on his own label ‘No Request Records’. And of course… we can’t wait to share our forthcoming collaborations ‘AstroVoyager x Marco Grenier’ with you shortly. Stay tuned!

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