Astara, the Nashville-based Songwriter and Producer, is rapidly rising within the world of Electronic Music, offering listeners captivating sonic experiences with each and every release. From his passion for including narrative-driven lyrics into his House productions to delving into Melodic Techno, this dynamic Artist appears determined, inspiring genre lovers as he continues to make an impact on the Electronic Music landscape.

We had the chance to speak with Astara to get a taste of his favourites and preferences in the music industry.

Vinyl or CDs? 


Solo work or collaborations?  


Songwriting or DJing?


Friday night or Saturday night? 

Friday night!

Radio version or extended mix? 

Extended for sure.

Nashville or New York?


Analogue hardware or digital?  

Digital for ease of use.

Original or remix? 


Big nights out or chilled nights in? 

Big night out!

Astara Online
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