The Head of Knights – the beautiful new vocal single from Polish-born, Berlin-based musician, performer, writer and model Vincent Littlehat – is released today via her newly formed label Littlehat Recordings.

A mesmerising slice of thought-provoking, introspective alt-pop and the first in a series of singles to be released over the latter part of this year and early in 2023, The Head of Knights is about a temporary change in perspective; from being an actor in the live events space to becoming a wider narrator of summed up experiences. This new position enables learning from all kinds – positive as well as painful – recognizing that wisdom comes from synthesizing both aspects of reality.

Speaking about the single, Vincent Littlehat commented:

“My creative works express the personal insights I have collected in moments of clarity between depressive and euphoric phases throughout my life. These insights have been a source of stability for me through times of emotional turbulence. By presenting them in a creative way, through music and visuals, I return to the wise side of myself more enthusiastically and relate my perspective with others”.

Vincent Littlehat

Speaking about the message behind the lyrics themselves, she went on to say:

“My lyrics seek to deconstruct rigid personal identities, expose their contradictions and transform them into playthings. By decontextualizing them and reconstructing them in a more multidimensional way, I demonstrate how to see past the momentary ups and downs and stay rooted in an inner source of stability, beyond preconceived identities and situations”.

Often likened to artists including CocoRosie, Soko and Lily Allen, Vincent Littlehat first began her musical exploration in London, UK, collaborating with Tatsujiro ‘Pop’ Oto (The Pop Group, The Prodigy), cellists Chloe Treacher (The Irrepressibles) and Martin Radford (Patrick Wolf) on the single Moondust and Golden Locks. Now living in Berlin, she has also recently collaborated with producer Enda Gallery on her latest single Ask Yourself Why and Berlin-based producer Chris Zippel (Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams).

Currently, Vincent is working with Robot Koch, Kris Steininger (Parcels, Melody Gardot, Jules Buckley) and Zino Mikorey (Parcels, Nils Frahm, Ry X, Mouse on Mars) on a series of new songs, which will be drip released over the next six months. From their shared apartment, Vincent has also maintained a consistent creative collaboration with roommate and photographer and video director, Mehran Djojan.

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Vincent Littlehat – The Head of Knights is out now via Littlehat Recordings.