Italian powerhouse duo VINAI returns with a blast of melancholic dance energy, joining forces with London DJ/producer Movada for the enticing new single “Voices.” It’s yet another twist to both acts’s popular sounds, this time laying down a series of emotionally charged vocals over warm pulsating bass chords, nicely building up towards an instantly unforgettable chorus, perfectly strengthened by a thumping beat and delicate piano melody. Irresistible 90’s vibes mixed with a modern day electronic ballad, these “Voices” will ring in your ears all summer long, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

VINAI continues to surprise. Already going strong since entering the scene in 2011 with a string of big room festival hits, the Italian brothers kept evolving their sound, maintaining a bass heavy and melodic approach while also incorporating more vocals and pop styled arrangements. Recently, this resulted in flashy electronic pop hits like “I Was Made” (alongside Le Pedre), “Touch” and last year’s widely popular Vamero collab “That Way” (feat. Chris Crone). Following early 2023 hits like the moody club track “I Don’t Mind” (with Dubdogz) and heavy festival tune “The Sinner” (alongside Naeleck and Raakmo), the guys now emphasize their ongoing versatility, as they explore a more airy pop-dance sound together with Movada.

This London artist is already widely acknowledged for his upwinding (tech)house sound, racking up widespread DJ support and millions of streams ever since his 2020 debut “Stay.” Since then he’s continued to keep the crowd on its toes with feverish club tunes like “High Off Me” (a collab with Mahalo), “Level Up” and his thumping tech house re-imagination of Akon hit “Bananza (Belly Dancer),” while in the meantime co-writing and producing for the likes of Matoma, Moonshine, VINAI and Michael Calfan. 

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Now, you can hear “Voices,” the long anticipated official collab between VINAI and Movada. The guys know their classics, so much is sure when you hear the song set off with its warm pulsating bass chords and soaring vocals, reminiscing the dynamic days of 90’s vocal house.

Backed by sentimental synths, the lyrics move into emotional grounds, exclaiming ‘the voices in my head all sound so real’, while reminiscing ‘the songs you used to sing to me’, making this a true ballad, enforced by a powerful electronic production. You’ll feel it all the way when the chorus kicks in, guided by a steady beat and a sweet piano melody, emphasizing the emotional ride this song actually represents. VINAI and Movada are aiming for the heart here, using elements from classic house as well as contemporary rave, all blended into an impressive piece of pop music. The result is an indestructible tune that will touch you on multiple levels – from its affective vocal work and wonderful melodic hooks to a dance floor vibe where you can immediately dance away your sorrows. Just let the “Voices” guide you there.