World renowned DJ/producer/studio wizard Ummet Ozcan is back, making quite some waves with his mesmerizing new single “Night Drive.” Aptly titled, the song takes you on a thrilling ride with sultry techno beats, pulsating chords, warm progressive rhythms and an exotic chorus melody that perfectly resembles Ozcan’s elusive yet always powerful sound design. An undeniable tour de force by one of the masters in the game, “Night Drive” is out now on OZ Records.

Known as one of electronic music’s most gifted producers, Ummet Ozcan has explored the limits of dance music for many years now. From his progressive and techno inspired grooves, to big room, raunchy rave and fierce electro, to catchy pop or cinematic sounds, throughout the years he’s delivered an impressive spectrum of his capabilities. 

It’s made him a worldwide respected artist, welcomed at the biggest festival stages while racking up millions of streams with countless, widely acclaimed anthems. Of course, these include his mid-10’s hit collabs with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, “The Hum,” “Melody” and “Beast (All As One),” as well as massive solo smashes like “Stars” and “Seesaw,” defining the then burgeoning big room mainstage sound. 

Meanwhile, 2022’s techno infused track “Xanadu” saw him venture into the art of throat singing, performed by himself, turning into a huge TikTok/Douyin viral hit – once again marking Ozcan as a headstrong, adventurous producer.  

But it’s been the whole package of remixes, collabs (including teamups with fellow masterminds like Tiësto, Steve Aoki and Paul van Dyk), his ingenious production style and relentless search for fresh sounds, released through his own OZ Records label, that made Ummet Ozcan a name that will forever ring a bell across festival crowds and the international DJ community.

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Emphasizing this vigorous work ethic, the Dutch/Turkish DJ/producer now returns to a blend of his most treasured trademark sounds, taking off into hypnotizing progressive vibes with brand new single “Night Drive.”

It’s a tune that immediately sparks excitement, laying down a thrilling groove featuring cool pulsating chords and subtle, tension building soundscapes. As Ozcan draws the song into spacious reverbs, he unleashes a strong, exotic chorus melody, nicely assimilated into the rhythm before it drops into a sturdy, bass driven beat.

“Night Drive” perfectly resembles Ozcan’s inventive production style. While the melody reminisces catchy Eastern vibes, they are delicately draped across warm, melodic techno, building up towards a climax in dreamy progressive atmospheres.  It’s a compelling ride, bringing out the best of electronic music in one burst of creativity, going viral the minute Ozcan shared it with his audience. Now, it’s officially here, a true DJ weapon ready to enthrall the world’s clubs and festival stages – a night drive sure to take you to a higher place.