She is one of the most legendary divas of the dance floor, a grand dame of club land and pop music, adored by fans around the world. Her voice instantly recognizable, her songs have become part of the soundtracks of our lifetimes. She is Ultra Naté and she’s back with a new album, called what else but simply ULTRA.

Speaking about her tenth studio album since the start of her career 30 years ago, Ultra said:“This ULTRA album, unlike any other, was the most cathartic and anchoring experience! Pandemic isolation and grief over the loss of many friends, unravelled the protective walls I had built around myself. Stripped bare emotionally, confused, and weary of the world, I needed to remind myself every day, who I was at my core.

“Writing, recording and shaping this collection of songs, physically alone, but with a team of people also committed to bringing this 10th album to life, was the gift.”  

From the moment the needle drops on opening track HAPPY FEELING, it’s clear we’re in for something truly special. The euphoric feel-good anthem co-written and produced by Dino P and The Freemasons’ Russell Small, is pure disco-pop brilliance, a shimmering, shining, roof-raising way to announce Ultra’s intentions. Her vocal stretches itself across the entire track with effortless ease, matched in energy and pace by the flawless production that builds bar by bar towards a swirling climax. It’s an instant classic, a dynamite anthem in the waiting.

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