Iconic singer Ultra Naté taps into a rich new generation of British soul & jazz, hooking up with London duo Blue Lab Beats for her latest single FUN, from her #1 album ULTRA.

It’s all about sing-along vibes and deep groove when it comes to FUN,” Ultra says. “This one is dripping in 70’s hot buttered soul with a modern perspective from the seriously talented young British producers, NK-OK and Mr. DM. 

“FUN is the story we all lived when our lives came to an abrupt halt as the pandemic swooped in,” she continues. “One minute we were partying, hanging and connecting, the next we were in a dreadful isolation. FUN reminds us to enjoy and celebrate the small things, the moments and the adventures!

The track, a standout from her tenth studio album in a 30-year career, sees Ultra coming full circle collaboratively: “Writing this tune was like a family reunion,” she says, “as one half of Blue Lab Beats is my long-time friend and collaborator Kwame Kwaten’s (D-Influence) son!


GRAMMY-winners Blue Lab Beats, have scored major critical acclaim for their work, including last year’s album Motherland Journey which featured an appearance by the late legend Fela Kuti. The pair are one of the most renowned producers in the British jazztronica and nu-soul genres, winning this year’s coveted Jazz FM Innovation Award, and proved an instant connection musically for Ultra:

In a way I’ve always connected with British soul vibes and when Kwame sent me the track from the boys, I immediately wrote FUN. It was so organic and rich with melody to tell the story and convey the emotion I felt at the time. FUN became a centrepiece of the ULTRA album early.


Ultra Naté & Blue Lab Beats FUN is out on full worldwide release now on Blufire / Peace Bisquit.