As the holiday season approaches, TV Noise is set to light up the festivities with his club EP, “Love Up High’’, Packed with three brand new tracks 

The EP kicks off with its titular track, “Love Up High,” a radio-friendly anthem. TV Noise, known for his ability to craft infectious tunes, describes the lead single as a perfect follow-up to their previous success with Tujamo. TV Noise shares the creative process, stating, “I wanted to create a TV Noise radio-friendly song with an edge! Every time I play the song live, the audience naturally joins in, and that’s the magic I was aiming for. Following the success of my collaboration with Tujamo, ‘Love Up High’ is the ideal continuation of that journey.”

While “Love Up High” takes center stage, the EP also showcases TV Noise’s commitment to their signature sound with the remaining tracks, “The Rhythm” and “Tell Em.” Drawing inspiration from their global travels and club experiences, they aim to captivate audiences with the distinctive TV Noise vibe that has set them apart in the electronic music scene.

Expressing his excitement about the project, Jasper said: “Traveling the world and experiencing the energy of different clubs inspired us to explore new sounds and create tracks that resonate with the vibrant atmosphere of these venues. ‘Love Up High’ is just the beginning; we’re thrilled to bring our classic TV Noise sound to fans around the world.”

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