Scandinavia is going strong as ever, with Norwegian hit producer Tungevaag teaming up with Danish house-maestro Faustix for the festive new single “Love Me Anyway.” Making a formidable shift from their rave influenced catalogues, the duo presents a true feelgood pop beat, featuring uplifting chords and glistening vocals, breathing nothing but happiness and joy for life to invigorate the summer 2022 moods. Catch these Tungevaag & Faustix at their best, out via  Spinnin’ Records.

Making a flying start as a solo artist in 2019, Tungevaag has continued his triumphant path to musical greatness. From early hits like  “Play” (together with Alan Walker and K-391) and “DANCE” (together with CLMD) racking up hundreds of millions of streams to recent singles “In My Zone” and “With My Friends” (linking up with Sick Individuals and Philip Strand), every release adds fresh layers of polish and intrigue for the buzzing dance community.

From one favorite Scandinavian producer straight to another, as Tungevaag’s Danish counterpart enjoys similar credentials. Faustix kicked off his impressive career over ten years ago, hitting it hard with powerful tunes and reaching a global audience with a teamup alongside Diplo for his multi million streaming album track “Revolution.” Since then, Faustix has sat at  the forefront of Danish electronic music, reaching a recent climax with the 2021 album release Happy Place, including hit singles “Need You” and “Crying In The Sun.” (with RANI).

Obviously enjoying the good vibes of Scandinavian summer, both producers have now moved from their oft-praised festival beats to a warmhearted pop exploration. “Love Me Anyway” sets the tone from the get-go, with its upbeat chords and vocals that leave no doubt about how good life & love can be. Inviting truly jubilant dance moves, the chorus takes listeners sky high on euphoric emotions, accompanied by gentle beats and backing chord progressions.

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Tungevaag & Faustix are showcasing their diversity as producers with this one, using their backgrounds as seasoned hit makers to deliver an unadulterated pop gem. Expect this record to highlight your day, as well as dominate playlists all over the globe – easy going and sincerely as ever.. Whatever kind of summer you’re having out there, “Love Me Anyway” will get you through it in the best possible mood.