After the success of its first festival novel published earlier this year, Tomorrowland is releasing the complete origin story of its new festival theme with a second fantasy adventure novel. Reading ‘The Spirit of Life’ will offer an opportunity to nurture a deeper festival experience for 2024. Looking back on 20 years of uniting the world filled with love, beautiful friendships and magical memories, Tomorrowland is excited to celebrate its 20-year anniversary next year. Set to open up a new world in the beautiful scenery of De Schorre in Boom (Belgium) in the summer of 2024, the festival’s new theme ‘LIFE’ is the prequel of the 2016 ‘Elixir of Life’ theme.

In 2024, the People of Tomorrow can discover the detailed origin story of the new fantasy theme ‘LIFE’ before being immersed into the narrative spirit at the festival grounds. Just like ‘Adscendo’, the first theme with a novel released to illustrate its origin story alongside a trailer and legendary Mainstage, the origin story of ‘LIFE’ will be shared in the fantasy adventure novel, ‘The Spirit of Life’. In this novel the roots of the theme of ‘LIFE’are planted, cultivated and grown.

Attendees will have the chance to recognise elements and imagery from the book at the festival. This creates a unique and unparalleled chance for deeper connection that was overwhelmingly positively received by those who seized the opportunity last summer. However, fantasy fans around the world will also get the prospect to delve into the rich storytelling world of Tomorrowland and explore the diverse and magical tale within the book, regardless of their physical attendance at the festival. The story in ‘The Spirit of Life’ is set in Silvyra, a lush and vibrant world of nature. It marks the second Tomorrowland world available for exploration by the People of Tomorrow in book form, following last year’s avian-inspired realm ‘Adscendo’ and the accompanying book ‘The Rise of Adscendo’. Both of these worlds are integral to an exciting new storytelling project that Tomorrowland is actively developing.

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Readers of ‘The Spirit of Life’ will discover a story of friendship, unity and the power of nature within the enchanting Tomorrowland universe:

“For Liria of the River Clan, working for the Governor of Bloom is a stepping stone to greater things. But, when a malicious force unleashes a dangerous blight, her world is turned upside down. Suspected of having a part in this, Liria flees to find a cure in a hidden vale before the coming Conjunction of the moons.

Pursued by Kaedar, the Protectors of Bloom’s Chief Ranger and his team, she navigates her way through unpredictable waterways and ancient forests, with hazards at every turn. Forging bonds of friendship with the natural world, Liria finds something she wasn’t looking for while trying to save her home, before all is lost…”

Pre-order now to ensure a first edition copy of this Limited-Edition hardback with festival artwork, sprayed edges and a beautiful map of Silvyra, realm of lush nature. Each copy of this 300+ page book is individually numbered, creating a truly bespoke collector’s item.

Publishing in Spring 2024, the Limited Edition ‘The Spirit of Life’ will be available in English and Dutch. Pre-orders for this exclusive release are open from December 4 and can be made via Shipping follows in spring 2024. The publishing partner for the Dutch version, available via the Tomorrowland channels, is Standaard Uitgeverij.

‘The Spirit of Life’ offers a sneak peek into the Tomorrowland fictional universe. The Tomorrowland stories deliver inspiring tales set in new magical worlds for adult readers to enjoy.

‘The Spirit of Life’

Tomorrowland Belgium 2024
​Weekend 1: Friday July 19 – Sunday July 21
​Weekend 2: Friday July 26 – Sunday July 28
​Boom, Belgium