Making yet another surprise move with his ever evolving productions, Australian phenomenon Timmy Trumpet presents a mind-blowing collab with Austrian DJ/producer Captain Curtis on new single “Just A Kid.” Together, the guys revisit Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan’s 2002 debut single, featuring raw uptempo beats, heavy guitar riffs and some piercing synth stabs, sure to blow any festival crowd of its feet. That’s how you drop a cover song; building an ingenious bridge between a recently rediscovered early zeroes rock gem and the spirit of today’s rave community, “Just A Kid” might just be the anthem that brings us all together – out now on SINPHONY Records.

One of dance music’s biggest phenomena, both live on stage as in the studio, Timmy Trumpet has seen a steady rise to fame these last years. The Australian DJ/producer/live instrumentalist has scored timeless festival tunes such as “Freaks,” “Party Till We Die” (together with MAKJ and Andrew W.K.), and “Mad World” (alongside Gabry Ponte), exploring genres from pop and electro to progressive and psy.

Last year, Timmy successfully ventured into a series of collabs, hitting it hard with artists like Alle Farben, Scooter, KSHMR x Bassjackers, Blasterjaxx x Zafrir, and Tinie Tempah, racking up millions of streams and widespread DJ support across the world’s festival stages, while also recently dropping his first ever drum ’n bass record with “Best Thing.”

Now, he joins forces with Captain Curtis, one of Austria’s strongest forces in contemporary rave music. Having released several hit tunes since his rise to fame in 2019, including hit records on labels like Revealed and Maxximize, he’s scored his biggest tune last year, reworking Nickelback’s rock hit “How You Remind Me” into a blast of a dance track, overwhelming every mainstage it came across.

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So, things are going into overdrive now, as Captain Curtis brings his rave capacities together with the expertise and ever upwinding production Timmy Trumpet is renowned for.

“Just A Kid” provides the perfect backdrop for both artists. Already a classic since its release in 2002, the debut single of Simple Plan was featured in the movies Grind, The New Guy and Cheaper By The Dozen, while always holding a special place in the hearts of fans. Recently, the song gained a new audience, as it was used in a 2020 TikTok challenge, seeing family members re-creating childhood pictures. Effectively, the song is still going strong, counting over 276 million Spotify streams more than 20 years after its official release.

Which makes a cover version of this song as much appropriate as it is exciting. Timmy Trumpet x Captain Curtis build a whole new world around the acclaimed tune.

Accompanied by the song’s famous guitar riffs, the vocals are as powerful as ever before. Perfectly aligned with a vigorous electronic production, the catchy hooks build a thrilling crescendo towards a huge drop, set off by some blistering synth stabs, and finalized by a raw, uptempo beat. It’s a chorus sure to cause a meltdown at any mainstage, creating mayhem with those melodic chords drenched in spacious reverbs, turning the song into a grand rave anthem. When the tune returns to the vocals and rocking guitar lines, the energy makes an even bigger impact, emphasizing the productional wizardry Timmy Trumpet and Captain Curtis have unfolded here. Make way for a definite crowdpleaser that will highlight many festival shows this coming season.