Taking off into 2023 with a huge, omnipresent hit, Grammy award winning, international icon Tiësto now brings his widely acclaimed “Lay Low” to new heights in the shape of three powerful remixes. It’s quite the package, as Greek producer Argy gets on board for a a moody progressive take on the original, while Norwegian acts Nick Strand and Mio sign for a crafty deep house version. The collection culminates into a radiant Tiësto VIP Mix, featuring soaring synths and sturdy mainstage chords – custom made to highlight this summer’s festival stages. It’s all ready for action as the “Lay Low” remixes are out now on Musical Freedom.

Perhaps one of his most resounding year kickoffs, “Lay Low” immediately struck a chord with Tiesto’s worldwide audience, following its release in the first week of 2023. Laying down warm deep house rhythms and ominous bass chords, the record sets a further gentle vibe with soft, pitched down vocals and its soothing choir, delivering an impressively spirited chorus.

Within a few weeks, the record already crossed 20 million streams on Spotify alone, while DJ support was going through the roof, gaining traction from all tastemakers out there, from live plays in the club to widespread radio support. By now, “Lay Low” is still riding the wave, which makes the release of a fresh remix package the more anticipated.

Greek-born, London based producer Argy obviously knows his way around Tiësto’s melancholic mood. Already known for his deep and melodic club sound, he builds momentum with massive synth pads, presenting warm waves of vintage progressive, enhanced by pulsating bass chords, levitating melodic hooks and spacious sound effects. Once the record breaks down into dramatic melodics, it organically  moves towards a subtle drop, perfected by hints of the original’s tender choir – a certified weapon for darkened club floors is what you get here.

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On a similar wave of creativity, Norwegian DJ/producers Nick Strand and Mio (who already signed for a stunning collab two years ago, teaming up with LUM!X on club hit “Annie Are You OK”) take Tiësto’s warm chords into tasty deep house territory. In their version, the song receives a more organic treatment, featuring the original’s vocals in a stripped version, refraining from too much sound effects, while a steady deep house beat sets the vibe on warm bass lines and catchy melodics.  Finally, the maestro himself creates a raving festival gem for himself. Prepping for a relentless summer schedule, Tiësto uses the sultry sounds from “Lay Low” to deliver an undeniable mainstage anthem, pushing the tempo and fabricating mesmerizing sound effects, sure to get all hands in the air. As the song drops into soaring synth chords, you’ll feel the rapture, nicely intertwining with the original’s characteristic choir.

Still going strong, “Lay Low” is bound for more live action this year. Armed with this fresh remix package, though, the song gains weight and urgency in various guises, making it an inevitable hit for any given dance floor.