Meet dance music’s brand-new power couple: Thor Rixon + Kitty Kat – two souls, united by love and their passion for dance music. Together, they bring you the Nawti, Baby EP, a hot ‘n’ saucy affair consisting of Nawti and Harder Baby: two tracks with the same brand of deliciously driving electropunk smut, released 24th November on Thor Rixon’s own label Vibe Killer.

Rising up from the South African underground, accomplished producer Thor Rixon found his home in the deep, dark halls of Berlin, from where he has spread his infectious, innovative sounds across Europe with releases on Get Physical, Activia Benz, Laut & Luise, and on his own imprints Eko Worldwide and Vibe Killer.

Singer Kitty Kat (Helena Goddard) completes the duo perfectly with her mixture of style and attitude. Kitty Kat and Thor arrived in Berlin as friends back in 2019 and fell in love the year after. Originally from the UK, Nawti Baby is Helena’s debut release in the Kitty Kat persona and undoubtedly the first of many for the duo.

Harder Baby, released as a single 27th October starts with Kitty Kat singing directly to you, demanding: ‘Harder Baby / Give it to me harder baby’ over a 2/3/4 symbol/ hi hat mix, beckoning you to the dancefloor. Electropunk synths and agogo bells whirl around you before the dirty synth bassline completes the scene. By now, everyone around you on the dancefloor will be going crazy.

Harder Baby, directed by Adam Munnings follows Kitty Kat, an angelic cam girl with a dom side. Don’t let her cuteness fool you, she has a global following of online worshippers who would do anything she says. She logs on for a session with her fans, she sits back and watches as the fans start to log in and dance for her. As the film progresses she demands they dance ‘harder baby’. The fans, in front of their web cams try to please her by dancing harder and harder, going from a shy curious stranger to a hot dance floor goddess. Just another day at the office for Kitty.

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