Riding high off the back of M.F.S Observatory’s immense Headstone EP just a few weeks ago, France’s leading techno imprint, FORM Music, now unveils its next musical offering with the announcement of The Reactivitz and Mauro Somm’s impressive Back To The Groove EP.

Warmly welcoming Mauro Somm for his eagerly anticipated label debut, and The Reactivitz for his third outing (following his 2019 Early Reflections EP and 2018 Seth EP) this latest three-part EP is yet another masterful showcase in diverse, creative soundscapes from the long-standing Parisian label, which celebrated its landmark 100th release earlier this year.

The Reactivitz and Mauro Somm

Kick-starting the package with the uncompromising, fittingly names opener More Bass, The Reactivitz and Mauro Somm go full throttle from the off, amalgamating a hefty blend of driving kicks, spoken samples and exquisitely layered percussion to open their 2022 tally on FORM Music in remarkable style.

With no time for respite, the middle order sees the two artists retain the relentless intensity from the opener into the unremitting title track Back To The Groove. Thumping bass and twitchy drum patters are the order of the day as stark, unyielding soundscapes provide the backdrop to another impressive, multi-layered original production from the newly introduced pair.

Last but by no means least, The Reactivitz and Mauro Somm offer up their third and final original production on the player with Highspeed – building a relentless assortment of undulating basslines, playful synth stabs and staccato rhythms, to close out the EP in emphatic fashion.

The Reactivitz, Mauro Somm – Back To The Groove EP is out now via FORM Music.

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