If you are a diehard Spotify streamer, you know the advantages of signing up for a Premium membership. In addition to being able to listen to music without ad interruptions, Premium allows you to queue up any song on mobile, download music, and more — but what if there were a better plan than Premium? Spotify teased a plan back in 2021 that promised features, such as higher-quality audio, but it has been relatively mum ever since. Now, a Redditor believes that the streaming giant may finally be moving forward after identifying suggestive coding.

As first noted by /u/Hypixely on the /r/truespotify subreddit, code in the Spotify app seems to suggest that the company is planning to launch its hi-fi subscription tier titled Supremium. For a rumored total price of $20 per month, you’ll get 24-bit lossless audio without delays, mixing tools, and insight into your listening habits. Spotify is also throwing in 30 hours of audiobook listening per month, which is 10 hours more than you get with the current Premium plan. The details on Supremium, including when it may launch, have not been confirmed by Spotify. When The Verge asked Spotify for a comment on the matter, spokesperson CJ Stanley explained that the company does not comment on speculation pertaining to new features — this includes what was revealed on Reddit.

Since the company hinted that a more robust Premium subscription plan was in the works, years have passed, leading some to believe it might never come. In 2022, Spotify co-president Gustav Söderström tried to allay fears by confirming that the plan was still being hammered out. At the time, Söderström blamed the constantly changing streaming industry for the delays. However, Spotify’s competitors have already been offering higher-quality audio to their subscribers, including Apple Music and Amazon Music. Furthermore, many of these companies provide top-notch quality without needing to pay extra for an enhanced premium type of plan.

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While Spotify is undoubtedly still a leader in the music streaming arena, it could be a matter of time before its users gravitate toward alternatives. With relatively similar price points, listeners can get a boost in quality by opting for one of Spotify’s competitors without taking a hit to their wallet. The music library and features that are unique to Spotify have always made it the most appealing option. However, competitors have caught on to what grabs subscribers, and their offerings might just be enough to sway listeners once and for all.