Right on time for the festival season, Splice and Spinnin’ Records present the newest edition of their acclaimed Spinnin’ Sounds sample pack series: Mainstage. Known as one of the most popular genres in contemporary dance music, Mainstage productions are famed for their raw beats, raving sounds and euphoric climaxes, ready to ignite massive crowds. It’s the Mainstage anthems that light up the festivals these days, and this package brings all the tools to create them, featuring more than 200 audio files of drums and samples, as well as some high energy Astra and Beatmaker presets. Get ready to hit the mainstage, as this package will get you right up to festival speed – available now at Splice. 

Launched in 2019, the unique teamup between Splice and Spinnin’ Records already resulted in a wide range of releases, building an impressive catalogue of artist- and genre-inspired sample packs. Every edition includes strong tools for a producer, from upwinding grooves, heavy drops and modulated basslines to various presets and characteristic samples.

Back in the day, the first ever Spinnin’ Sounds sample pack featured the worldwide acclaimed Big Room genre, earlier this year revived with a completely fresh Big Room Vol.2 package. Now, as the festival season is upon us, the series continues with a powerful new chapter: Mainstage. Surely, the Mainstage genre has become a force of its own these last years. Evolving from the energetic Big Room and Future Rave sounds, the music is known for its heavy beats, massive drops, and overwhelming synth chords. Mainstage productions are destined crowdpleasers; the anthems that define a festival, making every track an unforgettable experience.

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Together with Splice, the Spinnin’ team has created the perfect package to create such an anthem. Spinnin’ Sounds – Mainstage offers you the tools to make your productions stand out for a a large audience, as it presents over 200 audio samples and loops, ranging from heavy drums and raving chords to some ready-made Astra and Beatmaker presets – the essential building blocks to fire off your Mainstage production.  

Festival tunes have become a dominant force in contemporary electronic music. Often, Mainstage tracks turn out to become the anthem of a season, marking their place in dance music history. With this carefully collected library, you gain an incredible collection of tools to create you’re very own dance anthem, launching yourself to the mainstages of the world’s festivals. Get inspired, as the heat is on with this brand new Splice pack.  

Spinnin’ Sounds – Mainstage is available now!