Spinnin’ Records has teamed up with Sony to add groundbreaking new dimensions to some of the label’s releases in 360 Reality Audio. Using the most cutting edge 360 Reality Audio, music can be enjoyed in an advanced, completely immersive field of sound, causing artists to be more creative and expressive. By now, several festival hits by Blasterjaxx, Showtek and Timmy Trumpet were already remixed to 360 Reality Audio, as well as a series of big tunes from Spinnin’s back catalogue. Check out this innovative sound now, as these tunes are available through TIDAL and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Always eager to stay close to the newest developments in music technology, Spinnin’ Records has established a fruitful and steady collaboration with Sony throughout the years. Recently, the music label caught wind of the potential of 360 Reality Audio, a revolutionary technology taken to new heights by Sony.

In essence, 360 Reality Audio is a new music experience that uses Sony’s object-based 360 Spatial Sound Technology. Individual sounds such as vocals, chorus, piano, guitar, bass and even sounds of the live audience can be placed in a 360 spherical sound field, giving artists and creators a new way to express their creativity.

Listeners can be immersed in a field of sound exactly as intended by artists and creators. Music content created in this new format for 360 Reality Audio can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming services.

Recently, some of Spinnin’s most popular releases were remixed into the 360 Reality Audio Music Format. From multiple classics in the label’s catalogue to over 10 singles by Blasterjaxx can now be enjoyed in a fully immersive sound, including early 2023 hit “Alice In Wonderland” (a collab with Hard Lights & DJ Soda), along with the official video remixed with 360 Reality Audio. Showtek also saw more than 10 tracks remixed, including the music video of last year’s festival hit “One Life” (a collab with sonofsteve). Same goes for a wide selection of Timmy Trumpet hits, who only recently dropped his new single “Tonight” (a collab with POLTERGST), coming out soon with a new 360 Reality Audio version, including the official music video.

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In total, more than 55 Spinnin’ releases have now been remixed to 360 Reality Audio, soon to be followed by more. It emphasizes the label’s ambition to present its music in the most groundbreaking style, not only surprising its audience, but also inspiring the label’s artists to bring new, challenging tunes. Check out this innovative sound now, as these tunes are available through TIDAL and Amazon Music Unlimited only for 360 Reality Audio.