Spinnin’ Records recently teamed up with Sony Audio to discover the newest hit makers on the horizon with a groundbreaking DJ Competition, employing the most cutting edge 360 Spatial Sound technology. Now, the winner has been announced, Danish DJ/producer BUTTER, whose track “Shake It” triumphed over many other high quality productions. The song is officially out now, including an exclusive 360 Reality Audio quality release on TIDAL and Amazon Music Unlimited. 

Always eager to stay close to the newest developments in music technology, Spinnin’ Records has established a fruitful partnership with Sony throughout the years. Recently, the music label caught wind of the potential of 360 Reality Audio, a revolutionary technology taken to new heights by Sony.

Following a series of acclaimed Spinnin’ releases being converted into the 360 Reality Audio music format, facilitated by Ark360, the partnership took an exciting next step this year with the launch of the 360 Reality Audio x 360 EDU x Spinnin’ Records DJ Competition. 

Kicked off in February, up-and-coming producers could upload their track to Spinnin’s Talent Pool platform, giving them the chance to reach the finals and see their tune get converted into 360 Reality Audio. The winner would ultimately also see his/her song get officially released through Spinnin’s Talent Pool label. In the meantime, several renowned Spinnin’ artists like Mike Williams, Blasterjaxx, Dastic and Angie Mill made a contribution to the contest as they participated in a two-day 360 Reality Audio Workshop. Not only did they provide a clear explanation of how to navigate and utilize 360 Spatial Sound technology, their efforts shared through social media also inspired home producers to bring the best of their abilities to this contest.


Now, as Sony x Spinnin’ Records’ 360 Reality Audio DJ Competition draws to an end, the aforementioned Spinnin’ artists have judged all submissions, hand-picking one official winner: BUTTER. 

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This Danish DJ/producer has already been making subtle waves these last years with his headstrong productions, now making a next move with his submission “Shake It”, which proved the perfect tune for today’s party crowds as well as the burgeoning 360 Reality Audio sound.  “Shake It” is officially released on May 17th through Spinnin’s Talent Pool label, available on all major DSP’s, including the aforementioned 360 Reality Audio version on TIDAL and Amazon Music Unlimited