Launching her 2023 discography with a string of masterful techno cuts for the likes of Dolma Records, Kaligo Records and her own Kuukou Records, one of the circuit’s shining contemporary stars, Simina Grigoriu, is steam rolling her way to the upper echelons of dance music. A staunch contributor to the progression of our beloved genre, the Berlin-based talent now joins Felix Kröcher and non-profit organisation Rave The Planet to deliver a captivating techno hit for their Supporter Series.

Rave The Planet: Supporter Series Vol. 014 is the latest release in the organisation’s saga and is offered up as a two tracker, featuring Simina Grigoriu’s Give Me A Voice and Felix Kröcher’s Communication. The project is dedicated to the spirit and culture of electronic dance music and welcomes an array of artists, ravers and entrepreneurs from across the industry to contribute in the advancement of the scene through positive and sustainable means.

Felix’s Communication opens the EP, marking another hypnotic opus for his illustrious back catalogue. As a firm favourite at festivals like Nature One, SonneMondSterne, Mayday and Time Warp, the German techno master is no stranger to creating high-energy productions. His latest track champions progressive arpeggios, dramatic bass synths and a hammering kick; just a few of the impactful sound design elements that we’ve come to know and love from his previous works.

Romanian-born, Berlin-based Simina Grigoriu, who has been turning heads with her unique take on refined and uplifting techno for over a decade now, gifts the excellent Give Me A Voice. Employing deep, subtle chords and rich electronic synth sparkles on loop, she cultivates an atmosphere of headiness and warm nostalgia. Presenting a sound palette that celebrates the sweet spot between techno’s foundational records and its modern sensibilities, Simina’s approach to production makes her one of the most exciting and authentic artists on the scene, as she prepares to level up once again in 2023.

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Rave The Planet: Supporter Series, Vol. 014 is out now