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I grew up in California but now live in Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t grow up playing an instrument or with any type of musical background. My DJ career started when my sister encouraged me just because she knew I would like it. That encouragement got me walking but what got me running was a friend of mine who was an old rave promoter back in the 90s. He taught me about mixing, energy, and the musical composition of the tracks. From there I was hooked on house music and began DJing every day at home. 

When I launched into producing it was because I wanted the thrill of other DJs thinking my music was good enough for their set. Just the thought of a DJ using something I had made to get people dancing. In 2021 I started self-releasing tracks just to have the music out there in the universe and am thrilled now that labels have started to take an interest. “I’ll Be Back” was my first signed track and I was so excited I had T-shirts made with the label name.


How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years? Has your taste changed over time?

When I started I wanted to recreate what the big names were doing. Guys like Chris Lake, Afrojack, and Oliver Heldens. I thought if I could just play what they play then I’d also be a great DJ. As time went on, I changed my whole mindset. I now want to put in the work to find the best underground music. I want people listening to my set to hear tracks they’d never heard before and enjoy the music the way I present it. I find myself listening to GW Harrison, Fab Massimo, Macrolev, and Dave Winnel. Their track selection and style fit my taste.

My playing style has also evolved. For me, it’s not just about playing tracks and making sure the music doesn’t stop. I use the cues, reverb, echo, delay, ping pong, and any of the FX that keep the energy where I want it. Technology is advancing and I want to use every bit of it to put my stamp on a set.

What is it like performing and living in Nashville at the moment?

The house music scene in Nashville is small, but it’s growing. We have a few promotors really working hard to put on good shows and grow the scene. Even though it’s small, the dedication and desire for good music is strong.

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What is your favorite production tool/plugin/feature?

Right now I can’t get enough of a dancehall laser beam. It just makes the track so much fun and just pushes the vibe.

What is your favorite track that you’ve done recently?

Released – Disco Neck: First, it mixes well in tech house sets. Second, the track itself is a microcosm of the journey I want for my sets. Kicks off with good energy, builds, then that vocal escalates right into the drop and the track keeps hitting.

Unreleased –The Mogadisco Ball: I began production looking for afro house and tribal house plug-ins then combined some of my signature tech house loops and one shots. It’s the first time I’ve put an afro house emphasis on a track and it’s a lot of fun to play.


How would you describe your own development as an artist and the transition towards your own sound? 

I started producing tracks about two years ago. At first, I had these daydreams, of sorts, that every track I made would immediately put me on the map as a superstar, now that idea makes me laugh. 

The tracks I made when I first started producing were a combination of gimmicky plus a guess at what I thought what other people would think is good music, but that doesn’t work. 

Now I have more confidence to make tracks that I enjoy and I’ve continued to learn the dynamics of what goes into the finished product. 

But producing isn’t’ everything and doesn’t define any artist. You don’t have to produce your own tracks to get people moving on the dancefloor. It’s more about getting on the decks and riding the wave with the listener, no matter who produced the tracks. 

Who would you like to collaborate on a song with and why?

DONT BLINK. Those guys are my favorite. I’m always checking Beatport to see if they have new music. They’ve perfected an energy that gets everyone dancing. I would love an up-close look at the magic.

What’s next for shotgunwedding? 

The dream is Europe. Right now some of the best house music is coming out of the UK. Every time I’m in the UK I’m envious of their clubs. The same goes for the rest of Europe, their festival line-ups and clubs are packed with talent and people ready to party. 

In terms of producing- I’m sitting on a lot of unreleased high-energy music that I’m ready to start pitching to labels.