Sharon Pieksma, aka SHARE has toured across the world, bringing her good vibes and positivity wherever she goes, from Switzerland to South Africa, Amsterdam to Argentina, and WooMoon both in Tulum and Ibiza. Firewalk EP, out onOliver Koletzki’s A Tribe Called Kotori label on 31st May,brings you the essence of her amazing experiences and the multitude of amazing people that have inspired SHARE on her travels.

Turn your watch back a year. SHARE is playing an incredible festival in Africa. Inspired by the beats, syncopated rhythms, and the treasure trove of sounds that musicians in the Northern Hemisphere rarely get to delve into, SHARE was inspired. The Netherlands born artist quicky started experimenting with these beats and melodies and laid down the solid groove that forms the roots of this incredible EP.

The first track, Bubbles, has you hooked from the first bar, layers of percussion building on top of each other effervescent rhythm surfacing simultaneously like the carbonation in your copa de cava. This is a fun track designed to make you feel good. And it succeeds. SHARE adds a trademark melodic alto synth hook at around 50 seconds in, rising, cutting, dropping, building, and pulling you into this glass of vintage quality. Close your eyes and you could be at that very festival, the last dance in the darkness before daybreak. At three minutes in, Bubbles is stripped back to a glorious life affirming synth melody. Spread your arms wide and feel the sunrise across the desert planes with those around you, sharing this moment of pure joy.

SHARE adds: Bubbles is about the amazing build-up, new sounds added on the way, and beautiful break. I wanted to keep it very groovy and uplifting to ensure that it makes you dance and have a good time, uplifts your mood, and gives you a good feeling! I named the track Bubbles because I love drinking bubbly drinks, including fizzy water and wine.”

The second track, the titular Fire Walk builds from these rhythmic roots into a broad, beautiful melodic trunk of intertwining Jupiter 8 and Juno 106 and synth melodies. The Dutch musician supreme takes you further towards the vast blue sky. From here, branches take you in all directions. This is more than just melodic. This is something special- funky piano lines reaching like outspread arms, cosmic guitars blossoming at their fingers. A sultry vocal sample pans left and right, taking you back to the bass. SHARE shows off her impressive jazz piano skills on the Kontakt Noire as the intensity builds once more, then expertly strips the layers back to a solid Minimoog modular beat.

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SHARE tells us more: “I first created Fire Walk as a melodic techno track, in which the melodic techno sound is very present. But I added many elements. Fire Walk is a very special track to me. In the break, I wanted to create a moment of reflection in which to love yourself and everyone around you- a moment to be present, a moment to smile. Then a big drop brings you back to reality and you dance your ass off.”Fire Walk EP is the perfect release to put a huge smile on your face as the mercury starts to rise, on dance wfloors, beaches, desert planes and verdant fields around the world this summer. So put your hands up with SHARE and give a little gratitude to the universe.It’s good to be alive.