Straight from LA, USA, we have a special guest this week, a promising and talented DJ and producer Shad Rabbani! He just released a great album called “Music”, filled with amazing tunes, all of them having the unique signature sound of Shad Rabbani.

The highlighted track of this album and my personal favorite is “Rebellion”. This tune right here brings back some memories from the past, perfectly combined with great vocals and a modern progressive vibes, especially crafted to make people dance during this late summer.

Shad Rabbani

Everything flows perfectly from start till end, with amazing buildups and huge drops, pure energy blasters. On the break the listener have time to catch his breath, just to start dancing again like it’s no tomorrow when the second drop part comes in.

Overall “Rebellion” comes in as a fresh, energetic and unique piece of dance music, solid produced by Shad Rabbani!

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