Enjoying a huge breakthrough since last year’s hit “Move Your Body,” Brazilian youngster Sevek now ventures into a sensational new adventure as he teams up with Mc Th for the feverish house tune “Assim.” Leaning heavy on the popular Brazilian funk sound, the record further ignites on thumping beats, mesmerizing vocal samples and trippy sound effects. Such a hot blooded DJ weapon, sure to ignite any club floor these days, out now on Spinnin’ Deep.

Sevek counts as one of the big promises of contemporary electronic music. Following a series of club favorites, his stirring house sound reached a climax in 2021 when he released “Move Your Body”, a collab with fellow Brazilian artist Öwnboss. Receiving massive DJ support, millions of streams and various remixes, including a powerful edit by Tiësto, the song paved the way for more striking productions. “Assim” emphasizes the development of Sevek, as well as the rising popularity of Brazilian music. Especially when Mc Th gets on board, one of the most renowned artists in the country, known for his genre bending funk and hip hop records.

Safe to say, Mc Th has become a tastemaking artist these last years, dropping massively streamed tracks since the late 10’s, while reaching millions of followers through TikTok and Insta. With some of the biggest artists in the scene following Mc Th, he’s become a forerunner for what’s happening next – making every move he makes something to look out for.

With “Assim,” both these artists embrace their Brazilian heritage, laying down a series of Mc Th’s vocals on the wings of a hot blooded, percussive house groove. As the vocals start to swirl round and sound effects go hypnotic, the tune finally drops into a punchy beat, unleashing a wave of energy that will get any floor in motion. Breaking down into a feverish vocal intermezzo, it’s clear how Sevek uses Mc Th’s charismatic vocals for a mindblowing soundscape, letting vocal snippets float around in delays, before ringing the alarm and drop that relentless beat again.

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This is how club gems are made. From one tastemaking artist to another, Mc Th lights a funky fire, while Sevek lets the flames shine brighter on waves of electronic wizardry. “Assim,” that’s where you’ll find the heat this season.