Today marks the release of a sensational new track that is set to electrify dancefloors worldwide. “Midnight,” a collaboration between EDM producers SAYMYNITTI and Blasterjaxx, is a high-energy anthem that seamlessly blends elements of big room and electric music to create an unforgettable auditory experience. Aptly titled for dark club floors and frenzied festival crowds, “Midnight” proves itself a true crowdpleaser, out now on esteemed label Maxximize Records.

SAYMYNITTI and Blasterjaxx have established themselves as leading figures in the EDM scene.  

SAYMYNITTI is the recently created dream child comprised of the already widely acclaimed dance acts SAYMYNAME and NITTI, exploding onto the scene with 2022 festival smash “BING BONG.” Since then, the guys continued to drop popular tunes, including last year’s “Misbehave” and early 2024 Spinnin’ release “Can’t Find My Friends” (feat. Midian).  

Blasterjaxx counts as dance music royalty. The duo is renowned for its energetic tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals, blending genres like big room, vocal house and progressive. This led to loads of highly praised anthems, including 2022’s “Hurricane” (alongside Prezioso and Lizot) and last year’s teamups with Armin van Buuren on the widely popular tune “La Bomba,” and 3 Are Legend (aka Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x Steve Aoki) on festival smash “Nasty.”

Their collaboration on “Midnight” further solidifies their status as innovators in the genre. With pulsating beats and infectious melodies, “Midnight” transports listeners on a euphoric journey from start to finish. The track’s dynamic production showcases the distinctive styles of both SAYMYNITTI and Blasterjaxx, resulting in a sonic masterpiece that will captivate electronic music fans everywhere.

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The lyrics of “Midnight” add an extra layer of depth to the track, resonating with listeners as they navigate themes of longing, anticipation, and the thrill of the night. With its catchy hooks and undeniable energy, “Midnight” is poised to become a staple in DSPs playlists worldwide. Don’t miss out on this electrifying release from SAYMYNITTI and Blasterjaxx – it’s guaranteed to make your night unforgettable.