Following a string of highly acclaimed anthems by future rave inventors David Guetta and MORTEN, the duo’s FUTURE RAVE label hits another milestone, as it welcomes an external artist for the very first time. New release “On A Roll” was already making waves as a white label this year, including a momentous premiere by David Guetta on Ultra Music Festival. Now, as the song is officially released, it’s revealed the artist behind it is none other than Sander van Doorn, marking a new path in his sound design, and an exciting full return to the mainstage for the renowned Dutch DJ/producer. Be sure to roll with this tune, as it’s out now on FUTURE RAVE.

Having built quite the resume these last years with the hugely popular future rave sound, David Guetta & MORTEN aren’t only pioneers of the genre, they own it. Kickstarted with their 2019 hit “Make It To Heaven” to 2020’s claim to fame “Dreams” to 2021’s rave anthem “Impossible” and last year’s “You Can’t Change Me,” the duo has created a new, upwinding sound to shake mainstages on their foundations. 

Building on contemporary big room, while adding oldschool rave chords and blazing vocals, the duo has ushered in a new era of electronic dance music, hot and overwhelming in every sense. Last year, this was emphasized with the launch of the duo’s FUTURE RAVE label, immediately hitting the crowds with anthems like “Element,” “You Can’t Change Me” (feat. Raye) and this year’s hit “Lost In The Rhythm.”

Anticipation on FUTURE RAVE’s next release got high, so when “On A Roll” was debuted by David Guetta in Miami, unleashing the genre’s characteristic drops and mesmerizing synths, it was expected the infamous duo was behind it. Going round as a white label, though, the record became somewhat of a mystery. As the ID continued to be pushed by Guetta and MORTEN, as well as receiving support from DJ’s like Mike Williams, Yves V and Blasterjaxx, the plot thickened, making everyone eager to discover the artist behind it.

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With the official release of “On A Roll,” it’s become clear none other than Sander van Doorn is behind the record. Known for a continuous search for fresh sounds, the Dutch artist has explored genres since his rise to fame in the early zeroes. Blending tech house, techno, and progressive into his own trademark sound, he’s enriched the scene with countless hits and anthems, from original productions to rougher techno smashes under his Purple Haze moniker. 

“On A Roll” aptly builds on this resume, seeing him venture on a brand new path in terms of sound design, taking him back to the mainstage where’s he’s caused a stir for many years. Setting off with hypnotizing, syncopated synths, the song drops into a deep, bass driven beat, nicely held together by punchy percussion, drenched in filtered effects. It’s a raw piece of club music, blending elements of techno, progressive and big room in one mesmerizing Future Rave groove – showcasing an exciting next step in Van Doorn’s ever evolving career. 

Allegedly, this is only the beginning, as the producer has been working on several new, unexpected songs to see the light of day soon. “On A Roll” resembles a whole new chapter for Sander van Doorn, who couldn’t have found a better partner than FUTURE RAVE for this kickoff. So, Future Rave has got a new hero. Obviously, David Guetta and MORTEN’s pioneering sound already inspired many producers out there, now underscored as Sander van Doorn dives into the invigorating new genre. And he’s ready to get “On A Roll,” so much is clear, launching a new chapter for everyone, as this tune is about to hit this summer’s festival stages in its official guise – while artist and label are creating more anticipation on what the future might bring. One thing is for sure: Future Rave has only just begun.