World renowned DJ/producer Sander van Doorn returns with a more than fitting tribute to late 90’s trance anthem “L’Annonce Des Couleurs.” Wrapped in the Dutchman’s trademark mix of techno, progressive and house, his sound perfectly matches the oldschool trance vibe, employing the original’s spacious chords and arpeggiated synths with massive soundscapes and a mesmerizing, contemporary techno groove. Sander van Doorn brings out the best of himself with this timeless tune, blending 90’s euphoria with a fresh productional twist – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

In essence, this song represents the ongoing evolution of Sander van Doorn, one of electronic music’s most versatile artists. In the game for over twenty years, he’s explored genres like tech house, techno, and progressive, mixing these into his own trademark sound, resulting in countless hits and anthems, from original productions to rougher techno smashes under his Purple Haze moniker.

As curator for his DOORN Records label, Sander van Doorn has made similar impact, often launching new talented artists in the earliest phase of their career, leading to an ongoing series of groundbreaking electronic tunes. 

Recently, the Dutchman kept wowing audiences with his ever surprising output, exploring his radiant future rave sound to critical acclaim, emphasized by his recent FUTURE RAVE release “On A Roll” and the subsequent hit “Let It Drop,” marking yet another adventurous new side to his production sound. 

Now, the excitement continues as Sander van Doorn works his magic on a celestial piece of 90’s trance music. Originally a hit for Dutch producer Mac Zimms, the record has become a staple in classic trance, thanks to its airy synths, pulsating chords and timeless melody – clearly emphasizing the heyday of late 90’s trance.

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In the hands of Sander van Doorn, these euphoric sounds are honored in the most appropriate way, bursting out with those massive synth lines before unleashing a sturdy techno beat. While the groove gains strength, so do the melodies, emphasizing their magical effect in grand synth pads, taking the lead when the track breaks down, going for maximal effect as they entrance the floor – followed by a mind-blowing drop. Effectively, you get a record that brings many of Sander van Doorn’s trademark sounds together. Having built his career with a mix of techno energy and progressive thrills, this is a tune that was destined to come out of his hands sooner or later. An instant classic, if you will, quickly supported by key DJ’s like David Guetta and Martin Garrix, now ready to conquer the rest of the scene.