Under his latest project The Polygon, Ramsey Neville steps up to the legendary SCI+TEC label with a collection of four tracks named after different locations or memories that have given him inspiration over the years. 

Neville is based in Brooklyn, New York, where he has established himself as one of the city’s most notable techno talents. His well formed sound has come on labels like Unity Records, Addeepted, SLC-6, Black Line + more, and last year he remixed for Josh Wink on Ovum Recordings while also landing on Techno Brooklyn Records. He runs the IMPULSE CØNTROL playlist on Spotify with 11k+ subscribers and is working on turning it into a label and party in 2023.

Ramsey Neville

Everything from a neighborhood bar in Brooklyn, to the location of one of his favorite parties in Berlin, to a grim piece of history in remote Kazakhstan – and the emotions and thoughts they bring up – has inspired these new tunes. Says Ramsey, “When I sat down to write these tracks, my goal was to channel the same type of energy I love to experience when immersed in a night out; the type of energy that’s both dark and brooding, but relentlessly hypnotic, where you can get lost in the music for hours at a time without coming up for air. To me, it’s these moments that allow us to be fully free, and capturing a piece of that journey is what defines this EP.”

Opener Tradesman is a rolling techno cut with a booming bottom end. Sci-fi motifs peel off the groove next to a ripping synth lead that further heightens the trip before bright chords and a soulful vocal emerge from the darkness. The Polygon is again built on hefty drums with a dark sense of energy and watery melodies adding to the hypnotic feel. Uscita then warps the mind with molten synth lines all intertwining over a tunneling techno bassline and Münze is classy techno funk with over sized hi hats and mystic vocals pacing about the mix. This is a powerful new EP from the rising American techno Artist. 


Ramsey Neville – The Polygon EP is out now via SCI+TEC. Stream/download here: https://scitec.lnk.to/thepolygon