In the recent past, both VIZE and R3HAB have been able to celebrate great successes. The fact that these two heavyweights of the dance scene have produced a song together is more than promising. Their new song “One Last Time” tells the story of dancing through the night together one last time before parting ways and leaving each other behind. It’s about living in the moment for a certain time. Musically, the song starts out acoustic and restrained.

The soft vocals are accompanied by a piano and simple drums until the drop. The drop then combines the typical sounds of VIZE and R3HAB: on a fresh house beat comes the slapping bass, which is also known from other tracks of VIZE and R3HAB. The song sprays melancholic-cheerful vibes in every bar, which animate you to dance.

We are very happy about our new release ‘One Last Time’ as it was a song that we loved from the first minute on. Working together with R3HAB was a pleasure, even though it was only from a distance. We hope our fans will be as hyped as we are about this collaboration. Cannot wait to play that during the upcoming club season!” – VIZE

I’ve been following VIZE for many years, and I am excited that we’ve finally found the right opportunity to work together. I really enjoyed this creative process from day one; VIZE has a clear direction and excellent work ethic. ‘One Last Time’ is a record about coming to terms with reality and choosing to dance in the moment. It has a simple elegance to it, and I believe it is exactly what it needed to be.” – R3HAB

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