2024 promises to have a wonderful summer in store… Looking back on 20 years of uniting the world filled with love, beautiful friendships and magical memories, Tomorrowland is excited to celebrate its 20-year anniversary next year. As of December 6 at 15:00 CET, people will be able to pre-register for the Tomorrowland Belgium 2024 ticket sales. All ticket options, info and prices – day and weekend passes, including Global Journey Travel Packages and DreamVille accommodations – are now available on tomorrowland.com. For a chance to buy tickets during the different ticket sale dates for Tomorrowland Belgium 2024, people will need to pre-register via the Tomorrowland Account on my.tomorrowland.com. Tomorrowland Belgium 2024 will take place across two weekends from July 19-21 and July 26-28, welcoming 400.000 People of Tomorrow from over 200 countries.

Tomorrowland Belgium 2024 will revolve around the new theme ‘LIFE’, which is the prequel of the 2016 ‘Elixir of Life’ theme, taking the People of Tomorrow back to a vibrant era in Silvyra, a world of lush nature, when the conjunction of the two moons is about to happen. Releasing the complete origin story of its new festival theme ‘LIFE’ with the brand-new fantasy adventure novel ‘The Spirit of Life’, Tomorrowland will offer the People of Tomorrow an opportunity to nurture a deeper festival experience before being immersed into the narrative spirit at the festival ground.

In 2024, the renowned Tomorrowland Global Journey party flights will be more sustainable. Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland close a partnership to purchase 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for all these specific flights. In addition to the Green Fare, Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland contribute to the other 80% SAF, and buying 100% SAF for these flights. Lufthansa Group will purchase the equivalent of SAF for the fuel necessary for these party flights. The SAF will be distributed within Lufthansa Group. ​ Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is an alternative to traditional aviation fuel made from renewable sources such as plant oils, waste oils, and algae. It significantly reduces the carbon footprint of flights by lowering greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional jet fuel.

All sold plane tickets in the Global Journey Travel Packages will be Green Fares in 2024. This is a specific fare of Brussels Airlines and all Lufthansa Group Airlines where the People of Tomorrow can contribute to local climate compensation and environmental projects by Love Tomorrow, Tomorrowland’s sustainability platform, through a fixed donation. By supporting these projects, all Global Journey festivalgoers can mitigate the environmental impact of their flights and contribute to the sustainability of the places they visit.

Tomorrowland has joined forces with Ridley, the biggest Belgian manufacturer of high-quality performance bikes, to introduce a brand-new and exclusive cycling experience. Limited to a small group of 20 like-minded People of Tomorrow, the three-day cycling package (including hotel and a Full Madness Pass for Tomorrowland) welcomes cyclists from all levels to explore the variety of Belgium’s most legendary and historic road and gravel routes on a unique Tomorrowland x Ridley Gravel Bike. After three amazing days of exploring on and off the bike, it’s time to unite with the other People of Tomorrow and dive into the magic of the festival.

A unique camping experience at DreamVille
Thanks to Global Journey, Tomorrowland’s official travel program, festivalgoers from every corner of the world can travel all united in an all-in travel experience to the iconic music festival by plane, train or bus from cities all over the world and opt to stay at the legendary DreamVille camping grounds (Tomorrowland’s official camping site right next to the festival grounds) for a unique camping experience with a wide range of different accommodations or sleep in one of the many Tomorrowland hotels, a theme hotel, concept hotels, hostels and B&Bs across Brussels – making it the easiest way to come discover the beautiful scenery of De Schorre in Boom next summer. 

Launched in 2016 in partnership with Ecoso on the vibrant grounds of Tomorrowland to reduce the pile of left behind tents, matrasses and other camping gear at DreamVille, Camp2Camp has one compelling objective – to transform the festival camping experience into a circular, ecological, and socially uplifting story. Aiming to ensure the longevity and value of camping gear, Love Tomorrow inspires festivalgoers to tread lightly, bring only what’s necessary and to leave no trace behind. Camp2Camp breathes new life into abandoned camping gear, preserving and giving them a second, third, and even fourth chance to be a part of the magic that is Tomorrowland. Each piece of gear, whether it be a tent, sleeping bag, or camping chair, is collected after the festival, meticulously cleaned, and lovingly repaired. Post-revival, this equipment becomes part of an exciting rental service, set up and waiting for People of Tomorrow on arrival, allowing them to travel light and carefree.

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Discover some of Europe’s and Belgium’s most beautiful cities
Festivalgoers can also extend their Tomorrowland experience with a unique travel adventure with a group of friends and discover some of Europe’s and Belgium’s most beautiful cities, finishing off with a weekend of magic at Tomorrowland. Two new Discover Europe cities have been added to the travel program: Copenhagen (Denmark) and Lisbon (Portugal). Thanks to the Discover Europe journey, people get the chance to enjoy Tomorrowland, as well as discover up to 5 European cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Brussels, Ibiza, Lisbon and Prague). In each city, a program with different activities invites guests to connect and make friends with people from all over the world, creating memories and long-lasting friendship. The Discover Belgium experience gives you the opportunity to explore the variety of Belgium with 4 magical trips to the most beautiful cities of the home country of Tomorrowland: Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Brussels.

Last summer, more than 40.000 people from across the globe travelled to Tomorrowland with a Global Journey Travel Package, the largest ever travel undertaking by a festival worldwide. For the 2024 edition, Global Journey again offers visitors a carefree all-in experience that combines the festival with both transport and hotel or camping stay, covering your trip from the moment you leave home and guiding you straight to the magical gates of Tomorrowland. Every package includes a Tomorrowland Full Madness ticket and shuttle transport to and from the festival.

20 Year Celebration Package
For those who want to be surprised – the 20 Year Celebration Package will take you on a unique journey and dive into new adventures. Starting on Tuesday July 23 in Brussels and ending on Tuesday July 30 in Brussels, this package includes 3 nights in a surprise hotel, a Tomorrowland Full Madness Comfort Pass (Weekend 2), a special accommodation at DreamVille during the festival and unlimited surprises along the way…

The whole world coming together in one magical place
Celebrating 20 years of Tomorrowland in 2024, the iconic festival will take people on a beautiful adventure with all kinds of surprises throughout the entire year. First held in 2005, Tomorrowland has evolved over the past two decades into one of the world’s most notable global music festivals and a true global phenomenon that connects people from every corner of the world. The festival caters to all genres in electronic dance music with hundreds of renowned artists performing across more than 16 different stages. Being a home to hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, one of the most unique things about Tomorrowland remains the whole world coming together in one magical place with everyone being equal and uniting as one – symbolizing the values of happiness, freedom, respect, diversity, and solidarity.

Use your Tomorrowland Account or create one on my.tomorrowland.com to pre-register to receive access to the Tomorrowland Belgium 2024 Ticket Sales. The first 20 people of each country who pre-register will have the possibility to buy 4 Tomorrowland tickets through a dedicated ticket link during the First 20 Sale, before the Worldwide Ticket Sale.

Ticket sale dates for Tomorrowland Belgium 2024

  • First 20 Sale: starts on December 14 at 15:00 CET
  • Global Journey Travel Packages: starts on January 20 at 17:00 CET
  • Worldwide Pre-Sale: starts on January 27 at 17:00 CET
  • Worldwide Ticket Sale: starts on February 3 at 17:00 CET

Tomorrowland Belgium 2024
​Weekend 1: Friday July 19 – Sunday July 21
​Weekend 2: Friday July 26 – Sunday July 28
​Boom, Belgium