Maintaining momentum, Danish phenomenon MORTEN drops one of his most resounding tunes to date, sharing the force of “Good God” on waves of euphoric soundscapes and blazing techno beats. It’s a tune that follows the fame and success of his current future rave project alongside David Guetta, this time embarking on an overpowering trip featuring raw electronic sounds and pulsating melodic hooks. Such a bliss, immersing the crowd into the mysterious, evocative world MORTEN has meticulously crafted. Already garnering attention and support from several industry heavyweights, “Good God” is finally here, out now on FUTURE RAVE.

MORTEN has built himself into an iconic brand these last years, steadily releasing festival hits that feature his trademark melodics, captivating vocals and his well known snare and bass heavy drops. More recently, the Danish tastemaker teamed up with David Guetta to shape a whole new genre: future rave.

From their 2019 hit “Make It To Heaven” to 2020’s claim to fame “Dreams” to 2021’s rave anthem “Impossible,” last year’s “You Can’t Change Me,” and this year’s smashes “Lost In The Rhythm” and “Something To Hold On To (feat. Clementine Douglas), the duo has created a new, upwinding sound to shake mainstages on their foundations. 

Building on contemporary big room, while adding oldschool rave chords and blazing vocals, the duo has ushered in a new era of electronic dance music, hot and overwhelming in every sense – emphasized by their burgeoning FUTURE RAVE label.

In the meantime, MORTEN crafted an impressive series of solo releases, exploring daring new edges between radiant big room and upbeat techno music. Following this year’s popular festival tune “Unforgettable,” he now returns with the feverish DJ weapon “Good God.”

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This enigmatic track is a testament to MORTEN’s unparalleled talent in weaving dark, melodic soundscapes that immerse listeners in a sonic journey like no other. “Good God” marks his triumphant entry into the realm of the melodic techno scene, where he skillfully combines pulsating beats with haunting melodies, creating an electrifying atmosphere that is both hypnotic and euphoric.

MORTEN proves himself a master of knockout hooks, blending the big room euphoria of his melodic finds with raw techno energy, resulting in a custom made crowdpleaser that’s already proven its worth throughout the festival season.  Now, following acclaimed live action and DJ support including David Guetta, Tiësto, Martin Garrix and Afrojack, as well as techno artists like ARTBAT and Argy, the force of “Good God” is ready to be shared with everyone, as it’s out now on FUTURE RAVE.