Following up on his seemingly endless string of hits, Danish phenomenon MORTEN returns with his furious new single “Unforgettable.” It’s an incredible anthem, letting MORTEN further build momentum with his worldwide acclaimed future rave sound, unleashing feverish vocals, spacious sound effects and a vigorous drop, sure to blow away any festival stage this summer. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime, as this season is going to be ‘Unforgettable.’   

MORTEN has built himself into an iconic brand these last years, steadily releasing festival hits that feature his trademark melodics, captivating vocals and his well known snare and bass heavy drops. More recently, the Danish tastemaker teamed up with David Guetta to shape a whole new genre: future rave. From their 2019 hit “Make It To Heaven” to 2020’s claim to fame “Dreams” to 2021’s rave anthem “Impossible” and last year’s “You Can’t Change Me,” the duo has created a new, upwinding sound to shake mainstages on their foundations. Building on contemporary big room, while adding oldschool rave chords and blazing vocals, the duo has ushered in a new era of electronic dance music, hot and overwhelming in every sense.

After MORTEN continued to mesmerize crowds last year, including the release of hit tune “No Good,” he now follows up with yet another solo smash, aptly titled “Unforgettable.” It’s a record that fully showcases all his strengths, opening up with a series of feverish vocals, setting the vibe with fuzzy effects, while introducing tense chords on a crescendo of rousing beats and percussion. Inevitably, the sound explodes into a thunderous drop, letting large big room stabs rumble across a heavy kickdrum, making sure everyone in the house is going mental.

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MORTEN delivers a true anthem with this fresh slice of future rave. While raw electronic chords are chopped up with some productional wizardry, he expresses everyone’s feelings when going all out at the mainstage: “Unforgettable.” It’s the sound of the maestro, who has clearly come into full swing with this steaming tune, creatively blending tasty hooks, raving energy and memorable vibes. For sure, the Danish maestro is ready for action.