Born in Englewood, Colorado in 1992, MELODEEZZZZ grew up loving all genres of music from classical to rock to electronic. Started playing the viola at age 9 and went on to become first chair in the elementary state orchestra and  through out middle school and high-school taught myself the acoustic guitar.

I’ve always had a passion for music and art and now producing music is my own escape from reality. Still have alot to learn making music but the interest and feedback from this song that I’ve received, it has motivated me even more and have plans to release more this year or early next.” – MELODEEZZZZ

His newest release “Let Me Down” just landed in all stores last week and i just love it. Featuring an unique atmosphere given the vocals and an experimental future bass sound, “Let Me Down” manages to create a vibe that suits the vocals perfectly. The transitions between sections are smooth and interesting, the track featuring very different synths and lots of variation in it’s elements but still managing to feel cohesive, a whole.

The instrumental is fresh and manages to give future bass a breath of fresh air, mixing together well known techniques with other experimental elements. The whole tune has an interesting structure with a long verse followed by 808 infused future bass drops and the variety of leads, plucks and other elements used is large and innovative. Despite the tune having so many variations in instrumentation, it still manages to stay cohesive and maintain a homogeneous atmosphere throughout. Check it out bellow:

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