Having taken over the Electronic Music scene in Chicago, with her impressive list of milestones, like acting as the official DJ for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, the talented DJ and Producer Avi Sic has no doubt made a name for herself within the genre. Captivating fans around the globe with her hard-hitting signature sound, as well as drawing attention and support from some of Electronic Music’s most renowned Artists like Showtek, Plastik Funk, Madison Mars and R3hab, Avi Sic continues to gain a reputation as one of the most sought-after DJs and Producers currently working within Electronic Music today.

So, with such a mesmerising production style and approach towards music production, we’re looking forward to sitting down with Avi Sic to learn more about the secrets behind her creativity.

Hi there Avi Sic, how are you?

Great, thanks for having me.

To start, can you tell us about your inspirations, what inspires you to create?

Listening to other artist’s music. That gets me hyped to start new projects.

Do you have a routine that helps to get your creativity flowing?

Not really a routine but I like to make the lighting in the studio comfortable. Light a candle. I have this skateboard lamp thing with bulbs as wheels which I turn to a specific dim point.

Do you ever struggle with lacking creative motivation? If so, what do you do to overcome this?

I never lack motivation, but I do often get stuck playing with ideas that I don’t use in the final product. Like hours of time. I have to remind myself every so often to concentrate on the task at hand and stop myself from veering off.

What was the last thing that inspired you?

This morning I heard a track and I immediately set up some studio time. I’d say I’m inspired many times a day.


Are there any environments that make you feel more inspired to create?

It’s nice to go to a friend’s studio every so often and bounce ideas back and forth. It’s typically just myself at my home studio. The change of location and the benefit of another person is most helpful to keep things fresh.

Would you say you are more creative during the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Afternoons and evenings are my sweet spots. Mornings I like to get business out of the way. Afternoons are my favorite time to do studio work and create. Evenings I’m usually playing shows – which also channels on the spot creativity.

Do you have any advice for finding inspiration?

I think it differs from person to person, but I’d say getting outside, off social media is best for new ideas. Traveling, listening to other artists’ music while walking, going to an art museum, a park, taking pictures. Lots of places to find inspo. 

Are there any other creative activities that you enjoy outside of music?

I used to make a lot of art – drawing and painting. I went to an art school. Now I like to do graphic design stuff. Even if I’m not using it for anything – it’s fun to play around. I also like photography and editing.

What do you do to wind down after creating?

No rest for the wicked! I don’t get to wind down often but just zoning out watching a movie is always a good wind down.

With a passionate approach towards her creativity, Avi Sic is surely on a trajectory to becoming a household name within the world of Electronic Music. So, a talent to keep on your radar, make sure to follow Avi Sic across social media to remain up-to-date with her upcoming releases and live shows.