In the aftermath of their early 2023 comeback “Need You Tonight,” London duo Marvel Riot is gaining further momentum as it returns with destined summer favorite “Feel The Melody.” Renowned for its uplifting, piano driven gems, the disguised duo builds infectious grooves drenched in deep house, garage and contemporary rave, this time brought to further bliss with a series of skin tingling vocals – warm, uplifting and euphoric. Employing an instant feelgood sample from 1990 club hit “Anthem,” these cats bring the best of both worlds to this season’s club stages, settling for nothing less than widespread meows of excitement. Better “Feel The Melody,” now on Spinnin’ Records.

Originally founded in the mid-10’s, the duo caught some early waves with its signature house sound, and have since garnered playlisting on prominent radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, KISS FM, KISS Dance, and Capital Dance. With over 50 spins on BBC Radio 1 and support from DJ S.K.T on KISS FM, Marvel Riot has proven themselves as formidable production powerhouses. Having established their digital pseudonym after receiving NFTs from the LA community Psychokitty, Marvel Riot has steadily grown their presence in the industry. This triumphal path was continued last year with the release of DJ weapon “Say You Want It” and this year’s “Need You Tonight,” clearly building on their inventive fuse of old and new sounds, mounting anticipation within the dance music community for their upcoming release.

“Feel The Melody” aptly fulfills expectations, channeling influences rooted in deep house, garage, and contemporary rave, this time brought to further bliss with a series of skin tingling vocals – warm, uplifting and euphoric. It’s all in the beat these cats deliver, brought up to steam with uptempo kicks, fierce percussion and those trademark punchy piano chords, as well as the use of a sample by 1990 club hit “Anthem” by N Joi, providing the record with an instant appeal, reminiscing those indestructible house anthems from back in the day.

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Oldschool vibes with a fresh, invigorating feel, that’s how Marvel Riot courts the crowd. The duo effortlessly blends vintage melodies, frisky basslines, and energetic chords with contemporary production and feverish vocals, creating an instant club classic that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Following early support from CID, Fedde Le Grand as well as Tiësto and Lucas & Steve, “Feel The Melody” is ready to officially heat up club stages this summer season, marking a much anticipated next milestone in the remarkable nine lives of Marvel Riot.