The brainchild of industry stalwarts Leticia van Riel and co-creator Jessica Tribst, the LvR Mentoring Program For Artists has escalated the careers of many electronic artists since its inauguration in 2021, serving as an indispensable source of industry knowledge to help the next generation of DJs and producers take their careers to greater heights. Ahead of LvR’s next mentoring course in October, the initiative now announces news of a free, three-day online event – Inside The Electronic Music Industry.

Set across three days from October 3-5, the Inside The Electronic Music Industry event will unveil the three key pillars to building a successful career in music’s competitive and often over-saturated space. The pillars will be approached in three different classes across the three-day event, giving participants exclusive insight into the content covered during LvR’s extensive mentoring program.

Day 1: Social Media – Increasing your visibility in the market.

Day 2: Networking – The secrets of approaching industry contacts.

Day 3: Creating Opportunities – how to boost your artist career.

Following the online event, LvR will then cherry-pick forty of the most promising talents from their application process to join the official mentoring programme, which begins at the end of October.

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Since launching in 2021, the LvR Mentoring Program For Artists has welcomed hundreds of DJs and producers through its doors, providing them with the necessary tools to navigate the business side of the industry successfully. With many up-and-coming artists focused on the musical aspect of their careers, Leticia and Jessica bring to light the important the industry’s many other facets in order to build with longevity in mind. During the course of the official programme, talented DJs and producers will learn the necessary skills to have their tracks signed to their dream labels, get more gigs, master branding and social media, learn how to approach people in the industry, sign deals with booking agencies, collaborate with other artists and receive guidance from some of the most influential guest tutors from every corner of the dance music industry.

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Former mentees have since gone on to charter releases through leading imprints Drumcode, Terminal M, Volta Records, We Are The Brave, KD WAW, Café de Anatolia and Hypno State (to name a few), as well as receiving heavy track support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, ANNA, Carl Cox, Enrico Sangiuliano, Reinier Zonneveld, Indira Paganotto, Victor Ruiz and Wehbba. Combining Leticia’s lengthy career as an artist manager and booking agent, alongside Jess’ hindsight experiences as a former DJ, LvR’s one-of-a-kind mentorship program covers all of the intricate, business skills required to build a profitable and long-lasting career. Offering bespoke advice that’s tailored to each and every one of their mentees, the three-monthcourse puts artists on the path to success whilst welcoming them into a community of supportive, like-minded people.

With its beginnings firmly rooted in the management space, LvR’s founding dignitary Leticia is responsible for the phenomenal success of its A-list artists ANNA, Sama’ Abdulhadi and Victor Ruiz. Launching her ever-popular mentoring course in 2021 alongside co-creator Jessica, the pair embarked upon a mission to make vital industry knowledge more accessible to emerging artists. Across their combined 33 years of experience, Leticia and Jessica offer a brand new, 360 approach to career development that pulls focus to social media and networking in order to successfully navigate the complex business side of the electronic music industry. One of the most-forward thinking initiatives on the circuit, the LvR Mentoring Program for Artists makes it possible for up-and-coming artists to develop a strong network of connections and collaborators within the community, gain valuable insight from industry experts and subsequently unlock the potential for growth and advancement.